A Unique World-Class Opportunity

Arkansas State will escalate its mission of creating globally competitive opportunities for its faculty and students by leading the development and management of the first U.S. university campus in México. In partnership with Arkansas State University CQ A.C.(ASUCQ), a México foundation, and government leaders in Querétaro, Arkansas State will lead this innovative project to influence the trajectory of higher education in a country ambitious for a sustainable democracy and socioeconomic progress. The campus will generate new revenue, provide access to multinational companies for strategic partnerships, and develop unique academic opportunities and professional exchanges.

Mission Statement

Arkansas State educates leaders, enhances intellectual growth, and enriches lives.


  • A groundbreaking event was held in February 2014, and classes are planned for a start in 2017.
  • The campus will be built on approx. 370 acres privately donated to ASUCQ as part of a master development plan.
  • The $75 million first phase develops 87 acres, including 17 acres of athletic fields and 800,000 square feet of academic and residential space.
  • The campus will incorporate the A-State brand and logo and the university’s curriculum. It will have a fully self-supporting operating budget based primarily on revenue from student tuition and fees. A-State will utilize funds generated from private gifts for startup costs, and ASUCQ will underwrite any operating deficits for up to three years after course offerings begin.
  • A-State expects to generate $8 million in net revenue annually when enrollment reaches 5,000 within five years.
  • The project will expand A-State’s market through new students, access to new private individual donors, and new relationships with multinational companies.
  • ASUCQ will offer the same general education program as A-State with classes taught in English. Initial academic targets are engineering, business management, science, humanities, social science, agricultural technology, and communications. Both campuses will promote English/Spanish as a second language program.
  • A-State faculty will be able to teach, conduct research and provide service at ASUCQ for summer or semester terms. Students will have the chance to study at the campuses interchangeably, build bilingual skills, and gain experience with international companies.
Programmes taught in:
  • English

This school also offers:

Executive courses

A-STATE Queretaro

The Engineering Management program is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the knowledge and technical skills of advanced engineering and business management. The pro ... [+]

The Engineering Management program is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the knowledge and technical skills of advanced engineering and business management. The program is a one-year master’s degree consisting of 30 semester credit hours and is designed for all engineers on management career paths as well as for those charged with managing technology in engineering, manufacturing, and other high-tech organizations. The master’s degree program may also benefit engineers pursuing professional licensures that are required to have an additional 30 semester credit hours of coursework beyond the bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in engineering.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum ... [-]
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July 2020
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