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KAGC College was established since the year 2006 and has been regarded as the pioneer and one of the leading higher-learning institutions in environmental-focused courses in Malaysia, registered under the Malaysian Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996.

Guided by our aspirations to be a global university of educational excellence, we mold our graduates to be professionally-driven while preparing them to be the green champions in the international creative industry scene.

Located within the heart of Kuala Lumpur city centre, KAGC offers a range of green-oriented courses from learning certificates to degree programmes in the fields of English language, Tourism, Food and Beverage Service Operations, Food Preparation and Production, Green Building, Green Technology Management, Agro Technology Management, Mobile Communication, Business Management, Hospitality & Tourism Management and International Business.


Here at KAGC, we have facilities to cater for our students’ needs while ensuring that they will have a comprehensive education and a fulfilling higher education experience. Our libraries are stocked with the best study materials such as encyclopedias, research papers, and magazines. The library is also equipped with laptops and high-speed broadband to enable students to perform their own research and study within the confines of the college.

With the global demand heading towards sustainability, we believe graduates of KAGC can pursue a career in the green building industry, tying themselves with architectural and engineering firms, green building consultancy, construction building companies, as well as project management firms within municipal, provincial, federal government or private entities concerned with sustainable developments.

Our recognized diploma programmes aim to make a green professional out of you, along with KAGC’s commitment to foster a community of green champions for you to succeed in both your life as well as your career.

  • At KAGC, be prepared to immerse yourself in our green community such as the Habitat for Humanity.
  • Learn via hands-on experience with Engaged Learning both within and outside the boundaries of the classroom in programs such as the Innovative Ecotech projects, community services, and regular field trip experiences.
  • Our Future-Focused Academics offer a wide range of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to equip students with necessary up-to-date skills as well as internship programs to let allow them to have a real hand in the career path.
  • KAGC offers opportunities for students to study abroad in countries such as Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Singapore to further broaden their educational experience from a Worldly Perspective.
  • Malaysian Students can apply for PTPTN (National Higher Education Fund) to apply for a full-time programme in KAGC.


At KAGC, we envision ourselves to be the world’s premier university in the developing world to create potential green champions like yourself like our motto,“Be Green, Save The Earth.”

We seek to fill in the current need for world-class green professionals through ample human capital development. We strive for excellence in quality education while fulfilling our students' needs towards a new green era.

KAGC is a privately-owned college with its courses approved by the Malaysian Qualification Agency as well as Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education.

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