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Our Story

In-House Multimedia College (In-House) was founded in 1993. In-House Multimedia College aims to fill the talent gap of multimedia design skills in Malaysia. These creative industries need people who can combine digital technology skills with creative ability to meet design challenges. All our Academic Programmes are developed in consultation with the industry’s market leaders to assure quality and relevant education is offered by In-House Multimedia College.

Since 1993, In-House Multimedia College had created a multidisciplinary course in multimedia and design, offering in-depth knowledge in areas such as web development and design of interactive applications, as well as a broad grounding in digital photography, digital film-making, 3D modeling and special effects. Furthermore, In-House Multimedia College adopts a participative management system which creates friendly and conductive student learning environment. Our programs are focused on giving students the knowledge and practical and analytical skills to prepare for employment in creative roles within the digital industry.

In order to create new media possibilities and experiences, In-House develops programs that enable students to “think outside the box”, refine their media content-generating techniques by selecting their field of expertise hence prepares for the industry. In-house Multimedia College utilizes Authorize Certificated from respectful software's provider for our students to practice and demonstrate their multimedia skills. Courses in In-House Multimedia College are taught by a team of experts in design, animation, film-making, photography, web technology and programming. We also have a team of senior industrialists who meet regularly with staff to review our courses to ensure the level of quality in our programs.

Principal’s Message

With the sophisticated and advance development in the IT world, Multimedia Design is an intensive, intellectually and creatively challenging program with a very strong practical component. In-House Multimedia College aims to build talents who will make an immediate contribution to the digital media revolution aligned with Malaysia’s Vision 2020. Our program is recognized as one of the most successful creative multimedia design programs in Malaysia.

In-House Multimedia College constantly revises our courses in accordance to reflect new course content, facilities, and teaching methods after dialogue with industries and employers. Our courses combine ideas from digital technologies with those of creative design which students focus on applying the materials taught in lectures to the development of their design and creative skills through the use of practical creative studios. At In-House Multimedia College, passion is found in abundance, even with the frustration that comes in completing a piece of work, thirst for creativity is the element that drives one forward and gives one the satisfaction and pleasure when it is done. We are dedicated to bringing together a well-qualified student body, excellent teaching facilities, outstanding competence and the most advanced ideas in both curriculum and teaching methods.


To contribute to the World through excellence in education; to serve as a valuable resource for industry and society focusing on innovative education, training, and career development for tomorrow’s workforce; and remain a source of pride for communities.


To be the educational institution in providing high-quality, affordable and accessible educational programmes through new knowledge-based research that serving the needs of business, industry, and the communities and facilitating the personal and professional development of its students, faculty, and staff.

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