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University of Liechtenstein

Master Liechtenstein Vaduz September 2018

The University of Liechtenstein is an internationally recognised university, top-rated owing to its cultivation of the close connection between study and practice. The university is a foundation under public law, which allows it to fulfil its performance mandate autonomously and flexibly (Law on the University of Liechtenstein of 25 November 2004). The content of the education and transfer offerings is geared to societal needs and business demands. Its key aspects (Architecture… [+] and Planning, Business Economics) are in the fields of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree programmes, continuing education, research and development or technology and knowledge transfer. Approximately 800 students are registered in the Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degree programmes, Executive Master’s and post-graduate programmes, as well as university courses of study either full-time or in a continuing education capacity. These educational offerings are interdisciplinary and aligned with international decision-making and responsibility expertise. Mission Statement Our function is to generate and impart knowledge. In so doing, we support and challenge our students and instructors. The University of Liechtenstein is characterised by a particularly close relationship to business, thus creating a learning environment with a potential for personal development. The University of Liechtenstein is autonomous and is funded by various sources. Teaching, learning and research are of high quality as well as national, regional and international importance. The Principles of Our Work Our staff members are proactive and responsible co-thinkers and co-designers in a highly productive team. We create productivity-oriented, innovation-promoting networking. With our customer- and market-oriented educational offerings applied for R&D and technology transfer, we provide a forward-thinking, international range of services. Our offerings, products and services satisfy maximum quality requirements in both content and form at a price in line with the market. We are leaders in the field owing to our specialised offerings Our quality requirements and potential market prospects are the basis for our continuous growth. We initiate and implement innovations We are funded through profit-oriented services in line with the market as well as through the state’s education mandate and third-party donations. Reserves arising from business success constitute the foundation for further innovations. We cultivate fair, customer-oriented behaviour towards all of our reference groups and include them as far as possible in our decision-making processes. We are an active contact centre linking the University, business and society. We bring people together and create impulses for the future. [-]