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The University of Jordan is both a modern as well as the old institution of Higher Education in Jordan. Established in 1962, the University has, since then, applied itself to the advancement of knowledge no less than to its dissemination.In its capacity as a comprehensive teaching, research and community-service institution, the University of Jordan enable its students to choose from a wide range of programs- more than 3500 different courses are offered by some 18 faculties. Our School of Business is as old as the university itself and is currently the second largest. We are proud to be the leading business school in Jordan, playing an important role in graduating the managers and leaders of tomorrow. Jordan has always punched above its weight in the business world. We are a country with a traditional emphasis on the service sector, but recent years have seen the emergence of a generation of entrepreneurs offering solutions to Jordan, the region, and the world. Here at Jordan's first university, the School of Business plays an integral role in training these business leaders of the future. We are committed to building on our current strong foundations and continuing to be a school carrying out research, which provides real solutions to the challenges of our times, and teaching which seeks to engage students and equip them for all manner of careers.

Our Vision

To be a leading School of Business, regionally influential and globally respected.

Our Mission

The School of Business at the University of Jordan is committed to providing high-quality academic business programs and research facilities that will enable its staff and graduates to excel through continuous improvement in learning, knowledge building, skills development, and community services while preserving the nation’s values and culture.

Our Goals

Maintaining and enhancing the eminence and reputation of the school by working toward achieving quality assurance of local and international standards.



The University of Jordan
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11942 Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan


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