Mideast Aviation Academy


The MAA academy was founded in 2000, located in Amman / Marka Airport and owned by a private sector.

MAA academy is considered one of the important flight schools due to the high level of education and training modules submitted by the most qualified and trained aviation's instructors. Since then, the MAA academy has gained its reputation and growth in a fast pace steps due to their strategies that consistent with the Academy's vision and mission in which aim to graduate a qualified pilot and aviation engineers and be ready to serve widely in different international aviation fields.

The Middle East Aviation Academy (MAA) is ranked as one of the largest aviation academies at the local and Arab levels. Our Academy aims to excel among its competitors in a way of being proactive and finding new opportunities for development that consistent with its current strategy. In order to reach pioneering in aviation, the academy has strived to provide the most updated modules that serve aviation’s students both in terms of high level of education and training submitting by the best experts’ instructors and trainers and to keep up aviation technology progress in the world to provide qualified pilots and engineers that may serve in different countries in term of an aviation career.

By Using the latest technology, training equipment’s and facilities MAA offers both professional pilot training and aircrafts technician’s courses which are approved by the JCARC (Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission) ICAO standards.

Focusing on safety and high quality in training standards, MAA has provided Jordan and regional Airlines with hundreds of pilots and Aircraft technicians over the past fifteen years, MAA Graduated more than 1200 Pilots, 1300 Aircraft Engineers, 20 Dispatcher and 50 IATA Students Since the start the operation, these graduated represent about 15 countries.

MAA operates a modern fleet of (15) Aircraft and (2) Fight Simulation training devices (FSTD), this growing fleet contains (7 A/C) Piper Archer III (single engine), (4 A/C) Piper Warrior III (Single Engine, Glass Cockpit), (2 A/C) Piper Seminole (Multi Engine) and (3 A/C) Sama CH-2000 (Single Engine).

The Alsim AL- 200 which represents Piper Seminole (Twin Engine Aircraft), and it is approved by the JCARC as an FNPT II.

Alsim ALX which represents a multi-engine light Jet Aircraft, and it approved by the JCARC, the French DGAC, and JAA as an FSTD FNPT II MCC.

MAA is approved by JCARC (Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission) as a flight training organization and certified to conduct courses such as:

  • Private Pilot Course, ATP Integrated Course,
  • Instrument Rating Modular Course,
  • Flight Instructor Course,
  • Multi-Crew Co-operation Course
  • ATPL Modular Theoretical Knowledge In addition of MAA instructors (Ground & Flight) are highly qualified, Flight Dispatch Office and Technical Library, Maintenance Workshops, CRM room, JAR Oxford textbooks for PPL & CPL/IR and Integrated ATPL theoretical subjects Also the Briefing Rooms equipped with flat screen LCDs and whiteboards.

MAA has contracted Quest for English Language Institute – Amman that enjoys the extensive experience in this field to carry out all tuition related to general English & English for aviation.

Also, MAA is approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), it is well known that the Air transport is one of the most dynamic industries in the world, it offers for you various of courses such as:

  • Airports Management
  • Airline Cabin Crew
  • Aviation Security Awareness
  • Airline Customer Service
  • Foundation Travel and Tourism.
  • Safety management system SMS

We also continue to expand our mission by opening up our branch in Aqaba this was mainly for the purpose of reaching out to those passionate about aviation in different location appealing to whole different sector dedicated of preparing our students for employment in the aviation industry and the dream of learning to fly comes true with us.



Amman Civil Airport, Al Mataar St 22
11134 Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan


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