National College of Ireland


Welcome to the National College of Ireland where we offer a distinctive student-centred learning experience, through our state-of-the-art campus in the heart of Dublin’s vibrant international business centre and across our national campus network.

At NCI we have developed innovative teaching and learning technologies that are designed to support students who embark on education at all stages of their life and career. Whether you are embarking on third-level education for the first time or continuing your education, you will find a highly supportive environment in which to learn. For many students, the transition to third level education can be a challenging one; however, our small group teaching model with easy access to faculty and our active student support services work together to ensure that every student has the best possible chance of success.

We believe in the unlimited potential of our students and we take pride in seeing our students realise their potential and surpass even their own expectations. We understand how education can transform lives, how it can empower, accelerate careers and open up new opportunities.

NCI offers an education that supports students in their intellectual development as well as their social development and as an institution, it encourages active citizenship throughout the college. NCI teaching combines academic scholarship and theoretical knowledge with business and community practitioner experience to deliver practice-based learning that is grounded in real-world context.

Mission Statement

To change lives through education.

Vision Statement

NCI will provide an inspiring educational experience that is innovative, responsive and enterprise focused.


  • Inclusive - we strive to break down barriers in third-level education; we value diversity and inclusiveness in all that we do; we provide the support that people need to participate fully in life at NCI
  • Community - we are an interdependent learning community that shares a common set of principles where individuality and freedom of thought and expression are valued; each of us is encouraged to fulfil our ambition and realise our potential
  • Integrity - in our individual and collective roles, we take responsibility and are accountable for our actions; we demonstrate respect and mutual regard for each other
  • Dynamic - we are responsive to the needs of our students, colleagues and partners and an ever-changing society; we act in an innovative and flexible manner
  • Learner Centred - we place the learner at the heart of everything we do; our combined energies are focused on their individual and collective, life-long needs
  • Excellence - as an institution, we aspire to professional excellence in everything we do; we foster excellence in our learners through their learning experiences



National College of Ireland,
Mayor Street,
Dublin 1

Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

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