The AIT Learning and Teaching Unit was established on December 5th, 2006. The unit comes under the remit of the Registrar, Dr. Joseph Ryan. The unit is dedicated to the support and advancement of learning and teaching in Athlone Institute of Technology. The unit will work collaboratively to continue to develop a culture that:

  • Respects and supports individual differences among learners.
  • Encourages the development of student-centered learning environments in which diverse students can learn and excel.
  • Values and rewards teaching.
  • Supports staff in educational research.
  • Assist with the dissemination of best practice in higher education.
  • Encourages the implementation of pedagogical initiatives/innovations.
  • Promotes and supports the objectives and measures outlined in the Institute Strategic Plan, which relate to excellence and innovation in Learning and Teaching.

The Business School at AIT consists of three departments: Business Studies, Accounting and Business Computing, and Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure Studies. The courses offered by the School cover a wide range of areas from accountancy to management, business psychology to social media marketing, tourism to sports management and much more. You will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge, develop skills and cultivate attitudes which will help you to fulfill your potential and maximise your career prospects. Business is an exciting, challenging and dynamic area within which to work. When you consider how many business impacts on our daily lives, it is easy to see the relevance and benefit of a qualification in this field. Success in business studies or related programme can be a passport to a rewarding and interesting career. The learning process within the Business School takes place in an environment where you have access to modern resources, expert staff knowledge, links with employers and the latest technology. The ‘ladder’ system of qualifications allows you to progress from higher certificate through to honors Bachelor degree, and on to postgraduate studies.

Programmes taught in:
  • English

This school also offers:

Executive courses

Athlone Institute of Technology

This full-time programme is structured to enable participants to develop advanced key core competencies in business and to build on specialisations already achieved at ho ... [+]

This full-time programme is structured to enable participants to develop advanced key core competencies in business and to build on specialisations already achieved at honours Bachelor of Business (or related discipline) level. The curriculum offers a richness and variety of learning which will ensure that the student develops and demonstrates a range of high-level knowledge and skills in areas such as research, strategic thinking and reflective learning, thereby establishing the foundation for a successful business career, as well as for continuing academic and professional development.

Graduates are expected to have:

a critical understanding of advanced theories, concepts, principles, methods and techniques of business and related research the ability to apply strategic thinking and to choose techniques for the analysis and interpretation of information the capacity to assess and contrast the impact of decisions, with particular reference to business ethics and social responsibility the ability to conduct further research and self-directed, life-long learning ... [-]
Ireland Athlone
September 2019
Full time
1 year
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