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Centre for Heritage Management at Ahmedabad University is a unique interdisciplinary centre promoting critical heritage studies and holistic heritage management approaches - through its academic programme as well as projects and outreach activities. It has just organised the second edition of its flagship international conference on heritage management education and practice, in which the Director General of ICCROM was the keynote speaker and global organisations like UNESCO, Aga Khan Trust for Culture, and ICOMOS were partners at varying capacities. Such proactive measures taken by the Centre makes the study of heritage management at Ahmedabad University a meaningful and fulfilling journey. To learn more about the Centre, please visit https://ahduni.edu.in/chm/

Ahmedabad University is a private, non-profit institution established in 2009. We offer a range of diverse, rigorous academic programmes to enable students to grow into well-rounded leaders. Our programmes include undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies in areas such as engineering, life sciences, management, arts, and computer science.


Ahmedabad University is dedicated to foster the continuous progress of self and society. We aspire to become an exemplar in the transformation of higher education and research in India. Our graduates bear the capabilities, attitude and values to excel in whatever field they choose to pursue around the world.

Our mission

  • To prepare leaders of outstanding character who will contribute significantly to their fields of study and practice
  • To build an evolving learning environment that is based on cross-disciplinary linkages between the arts, sciences, and professional disciplines, combined with rigour and reflection
  • To actively advance research and intellectual enterprise at the University and in the society
  • To promote independent-mindedness and diversity across all dimensions of the University
  • To generate knowledge that provides a context of learning from and contribution to India and the world
  • To actively advance the social, economic, and ecological development of local, national, and international communities
  • To educate the young people of India and the world to become contextually-literate global citizens
  • To catalyse students to mature into critical thinkers who are analytically equipped, practically oriented, and ethically driven

We recognise that social challenges and job opportunities are occurring at the intersection of various axes of influence, defined by disciplines (data, materials, biology, and behaviour), nature (air, water, forests, and land), sectors of impact (health, transport, energy, and education) and society (individual and community). Accordingly, Ahmedabad University strives to guide students on how to learn through interdisciplinary academics and real-life experiences that traverse these intersections. Research programmes at the University also embody this integrative philosophy.


Ahmedabad University was founded by Ahmedabad Education Society (AES). AES is a non-profit educational trust located in Ahmedabad. More than 80 years old, AES was established at the behest of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the first Home Minister of India, by illustrious leaders such as Kasturbhai Lalbhai, the doyen of the Indian textile industry; Ganesh Mavalankar, the first Speaker of the Indian Parliament; and Amrutlal Hargovandas, one of the prominent industrialists of Ahmedabad. AES envisioned that the university would serve to advance education in the state of Gujarat, throughout India and the world. AES and its leaders have played significant roles in the founding of national institutions such as Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, National Institute of Design, Physical Research Laboratory, and Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology or (CEPT). The Trust is also responsible for supporting reputed institutions such as MG College of Science, LD College of Arts, HL College of Commerce, LM College of Pharmacy, AG Teacher’s College and LD Institute of Indology, amongst others.

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Ahmedabad University

The first of its kind in India, and located in the recently christened ‘UNESCO World-Heritage City’ of Ahmedabad; the Master’s Programme in Heritage Management is a two-y ... [+]

The first of its kind in India, and located in the recently christened ‘UNESCO World-Heritage City’ of Ahmedabad; the Master’s Programme in Heritage Management is a two-year degree programme that emphasizes on a critical understanding of heritage and an integrated management approach to the heritage sector. It offers a unique opportunity to gain expertise in a fast-growing domain within the context of an innovative pedagogic framework that includes field-learning, immersion and practicum programmes, and inputs from leading practitioners within the field. In the two years of the course, the pedagogy facilitates students to gain conceptual and professional insights into heritage at both the macro level and grassroots level.... [-]

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