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Our Institute, one of the 36 Higher Education Institutes of Greece, offers quality undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the fields of Informatics, Engineering, Health, Agriculture and Food, Economics and Management, Environment. The TEI of Crete is constantly being ranked at the top of the list of its peers, while it has received wide recognition for its direct contribution to the development of both Crete and Greece.

The studies at the TEI of Crete are of particular high standards, as proved by the External Evaluations carried out by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency. The teaching and research qualifications and the consistency of the staff, the modern Study Programmes, the connection to the trade and social bodies and the way we supervise and support our graduates, guarantee a complete education providing our graduates with the appropriate guidelines, so that they follow the correct profession or continue with further studies, dependent on their aptitudes.

Our several collaborations with numerous Greek and more than 120 European Higher Education Institutes contribute drastically to the internationalisation of the provided studies. Our students are encouraged to travel to other countries for completing part of their studies. Those who study at our Institute also come in contact with foreign students and are often being taught by European professors. The Department has received awards for its international relations in Europe and, of course, in Greece.

At the TEI of Crete, the Administration and the staff work tirelessly, focusing always on our institutional goals with regard to quality education, excellence, real education and the wider interest of our ca. 15.000 active students. We continue to transfer our main principles to our students, which are transparency in making and implementing our decisions, equality and respect. We encourage the free way of thinking and the expression of new ideas, self-motivation and cooperation: we seek to create complete Scientists – Citizens.

Our economic efficiency works as a guarantee for the State to keep financing us. Apart from that, the TEI of Crete, through the numerous educational, research and development projects that it carries out, ensures receiving extra funds to support the studies and our students, which are equivalent to many years of state funding.

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Master of Science Programme in Applied Science and Technology in Agricultural Production

Campus Full time October 2017 Greece Crete

The program “Master of Science in Applied Science and Technology in Agricultural Production” at the Technological Educational Institution of Crete is a two-year program held in English that started in winter 2015/16 with the first group of students. While it is a new degree program, it builds on 30 years of experience in the Department of Agriculture... [+]

The program “Master of Science in Applied Science and Technology in Agricultural Production” at the Technological Educational Institution of Crete is a two-year program held in English that started in winter 2015/16 with the first group of students. While it is a new degree program, it builds on 30 years of experience in the Department of Agriculture. The Master program is aimed at two goals: It provides students with the qualification and skills needed to succeed in an increasingly international job market, and it serves as excellent preparation for further graduate studies with the goal of writing a doctoral thesis meeting highest international standards. The successful completion of the MSc includes courses and preparation of master thesis and corresponds to 90 ECTS credits. Applicants with a bachelor's degree in one of the below-mentioned areas may be considered qualified for admission: Faculties and Departments of - Agriculture, including Crop Production, Animal Production, Economy and Biotechnology - Food Technology - Biology and Chemistry - Veterinary For possible other cases of related disciplines, the Committee may decide if and when the students may require to follow and succeed to relevant courses of the undergraduate cycle at the Agricultural Department, TEI of Crete. The 2016 tuition fees for the MSc program are estimated at a total of € 3600 for EU citizens and at a total of € 5500 for NON EU citizens. Purpose The MSc program “Applied Science and Technology in Agricultural Production” held in English by the Department of Agriculture of TEI of Crete has been developed to provide candidates with scientific knowledge concerning all the fields in Agricultural Science and Technology. A key element that supports the dynamic of this proposal is the faculty members of the Department and the external associates that participate in the educational and research work. Moreover, the Department coordinates doctorate (PhD) and postdoctorate programs in cooperation with other Universities. Thus, most of the graduates of this Master Program could continue their studies and stand out in the academic world. Graduates will be able to meet demanding needs of qualified staff in Agricultural Production Units, such as Companies and Organizations in the private or public sector, or develop their own business in the agricultural area. Structure of MSc studies All courses and the Master Thesis are conducted in English.The duration of MSc studies is 24 months, full-time, as follows: Students necessarily follow the first group of courses (Introduction to Management, Marketing and Crop Experimentation) and choose three of the following four groups. Students may choose, during the first 12 months, three courses. In the next 12 months, they will select one course and prepare their MSc thesis. Students are required to participate in activities of Research Laboratories of TEI Crete in a rotation manner during the first year. This includes 24h of work per week. The second year students will spend this time in the laboratory doing their research thesis. According to the procedure and training philosophy, each student follows a well-recorded education process assisted by appropriate textbooks and other educational material. An Education Consultant (EC) is intended to guide and support each student and its self-education process, including answering questions and thesis corrections. Each academic year develops in parallel with that of undergraduate studies, following the same start-end dates, holidays and vacations. The examination process takes place at the end of each year (usually at the end of June and the repeat examination period at the end of July). The Master Thesis will be established at the Research Laboratories of the Department of Agriculture, TEI of Crete at Heraklion, or in cooperated Departments. Each thesis is assessed by a three-member inquiry committee.The sections and the thesis correspondw to 30 credits. The presence of students in any counseling and laboratory sessions, as well as the employment in Laboratories is mandatory. In order to have the possibility to participate in the examination, students should have completed all tasks and take as a number of points at least 15.After the end of the exam, the mentors of each section submit a final score, which is calculated by 40% from the level of three (3) homeworks and 60% from the final exam, with the obligation of the student to have passed the final exam.Students who fail the first test will be able to review a month later.In case they do not achieve a passing grade in both tests but have passed the work may, a year later, re-give examinations only by paying the corresponding fees.In case they fail for the second time in both examination periods, they are automatically discharged from the master program. However, they may bring an objection to their deletion of the program that will be examined by the Committee. One year of study withdrawal, for serious reasons is possible after a student's request and suggestion by the Committee. During the suspension time, all the rights of the graduate student are removed and this time is not counted in the total study time. Department of Agriculture The Department of Agriculture is part of the School of Agricultural Technology & Food Technology at the Technological Educational Institution of Crete. It has emerged from the Department of Crop Production and from the Department of Organic, Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture in 2012. These two parent departments were established in 1983 and 1985, respectively, closing, so far, 30 years of life and activity, having a primary purpose of producing and transferring knowledge and technology in the primary sector. Since then, more than 2,500 graduates of the merged Department have been integrated within the market, thus creating one of the strongest traditions in Agricultural Education. At the same time, the Department of Agriculture is the only higher education department in the Agricultural sector in Crete, thus forming an essential link between research and application. On these pillars of tradition, supply and creation comes to stand this Program of Postgraduate Studies with the distinctive title: “Applied Science and Technology in Agricultural Production”. [-]

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