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Philipps-Universität is not only a German university steeped in tradition, it is also the oldest university in the world that was founded 1527 as a Protestant institution. It has been a place of research and teaching for nearly five centuries.

Nowadays there are nearly 20,000 students studying in Marburg - 12 percent from all over the world. Almost all scientific disciplines, with the exception of the engineering sciences, are represented at Philipps-Universität Marburg. The different disciplines are assigned to different faculties, which are to be found under Faculties.

Numerous organizations complement and enrich the university’s range of services. For example, such organizations may carry out special research activities or support Philipps-Universität Marburg in the areas of communications, IT and foreign languages.

The Department of Economics comprises six professors plus about a dozen senior and junior lecturers. The professors have extensive experience with regard to refereed international publications, advising governments or international organisations, and teaching in English. The Economics Department ranks among the top ten departments in terms of international publications per professor in Germany (CHE Ranking 2005). Economic research and training is highly internationalised in Marburg, as all academic staff members have established strong, sustainable partnership programmes and joint research projects with Universities in Europe, the US, and other parts of the world. The faculty’s focus on institutional economics is underlined by MACIE, the Marburg Center for Institutional Economics, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Economics staff emphasises the importance of a friendly and open teaching environment. Students are welcome to approach professors and engage in debates on relevant economic issues.

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MSc Economics and Institutions (MSc EconInst)

Campus Full time October 2018 Germany Marburg

The Master of Science Program in Economics and Institutions at Philipps University Marburg provides students with a comprehensive training for a career as a professional economist in government or business and an excellent basis for an academic career. [+]

The Master’s Program in Economics and Institutions at the Philipps-University of Marburg provides students with a comprehensive training for a career as a professional economist in government or business and a solid basis for an academic career.

Course Content & Distinctive Features

The MSc Economics and Institutions offers rigorous training in all major fields of economic theory and policy (including research methods) and is fully taught in English. It is designed as a general M.Sc. economics program with a distinctive focus on the economic analysis of institutions. This unique focus is based on the fundamental insight that the performance of an economy crucially depends on its institutions. These may be formal institutions, e.g. business laws and regulations, organization of the social security system, design of central banks, and institutional structures of the state and its political process; they can also be of an informal nature, e.g., norms and habits or specific institutions such as cooperatives and micro-credit markets in developing countries.... [-]

MSc Economics of the Middle East (EMEA)

Campus Full time 24  October 2018 Germany Marburg

International Master's Programme [+]

What is the idea behind EMEA?

EMEA is a unique master’s programme combining institutional economics and business administration with applications to the economies of the MENA region.

Understanding complex economic challenges in the MENA requires an interdisciplinary approach. Thus, EMEA includes a wide range of electives from various disciplines to facilitate a broad understanding of the region’s complexity.

The curriculum equips students with knowledge about up-to-date issues relevant for many MENA countries, e.g., Islamic finance, political economy, natural resources, corruption, and conflict.

Combined with one of the specialisation tracks, students sharpen their job market profile towards a career as regional experts with modern problem-solving skills specific to economics, finance and accounting, or management.... [-]

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