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Welcome to the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

"The TUHH is a compact technical university with a clear profile in research and innovative learning methods where theory and practice meet. Proximity is an important aspect of our dealings with our students. They experience it at first hand during project-based learning in small groups and in close contact with our eminent academic staff. Our goal is to educate creative minds with an individual specialist profile and a high level of social skills. Developing technology for mankind is the focus of our mission statement.

We stand for the development of Hamburg as an innovative metropolis. The TUHH makes an important contribution to this by introducing new technologies such as energy supply, mobility, logistics and digitization. In this context, the TUHH will evolve and grow as a state-of-the-art university of technology in the future. The TUHH is identified with successful reforms, unconventional paths and initiatives in a way that is matched by hardly any other German university. In 1994, it was the first German university to introduce a Bachelor's degree, and its extensive English-language study programs attract students from all over the world. The TUHH secures additional private and public sector research funding equaling almost half of the university's non-third-party budget. Basic research at TUHH f.e. is highlighted by the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) "Tailor-Made Muli-Scale Materials Systems, M3" funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

With its areas of expertise and its interdisciplinary structures, the TUHH works in a research-oriented manner, offering groundbreaking research and at the same time a modern, research-oriented and practice-oriented education due to its outstanding staff and equipment. This combination opens up excellent opportunities for graduates on the labor market, regardless of fluctuations in the economic cycle. We have numerous cooperation agreements with major business enterprises and SMEs. We promote cutting-edge research and entrepreneurship. The will to assert ourselves as a top-ranking international university motivates us continually and is the driving force behind the TUHH's success.

Incidentally, Hamburg - home to the TUHH - is not only located at the top of the geographical map of Germany but also one of the most dynamic regions in Europe with the best growth prospects. It is a vibrant metropolis with a high quality of life.

I do hope you enjoy discovering the TUHH on the following webpages and extend a cordial invitation to you to become a part of the fascinating TUHH world."

Prof. Dr. Ed Brinksma

–President of Hamburg University of Technology –


The founding principles of the TUHH are unique in Germany. The priority of research, an interdisciplinary approach, innovation, regionalism and internationalism are the obligatory foundations for what we do. Research, teaching and technology transfer are centered around the guiding theme of developing technology for people.

Mission Statement:

TUHH is a competitive entrepreneurial university focussing on high-level performance and high-quality standards. TUHH is dedicated to the principles of Humboldt (unity of research and education). TUHH has a strong international orientation and also focusses on its local environment. It does so by contributing to the development of the technological and scientific competence of society. Aiming at excellence at the national and international level in its strategic research fields. Educating young engineers and academics within demanding programmes using advanced teaching methods.



Am Schwarzenberg-Campus,1
21073 Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

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