Furtwangen University: Faculty of Medical and Life Sciences


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Biotechnology and process engineering as well as medicine and medical technology are professional fields that make an important contribution to quality of life and health of the people and address the increasing demands of an aging society.

Since 1988, the Campus Villingen-Schwenningen is the HFU known as a center for medical and biotechnological research and teaching internationally and can look back on a solid body of expertise. Students benefit from ideal structures, profiled teachers, modern laboratories and seminar rooms. The courses answer the growing need for academically trained professionals in the fields of biotechnology and environmental and diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human diseases.


Students thus have to design their very own individual profiles on Campus Villingen-Schwenningen HFU many possibilities.

In these areas the basic courses with the Bachelor of Science are offered:

  • Bio- and Process Technology (B.Sc.)
  • Molecular and Technical Medicine (B.Sc.)

Since Winter Semester 2013 two new courses with the degree "Master of Science" are offered:

  • Medical Diagnostic Technologies (M.Sc.)
  • Technical Physician (M.Sc.)

Another new feature is the winter semester 2014/15

  • Sustainable Bioprocess (M.Sc.)

Application deadline is July 15 respectively.

Collaborations with international universities


The faculty supports and promotes at least one semester abroad during their studies. In return, offer the integrated internship semester, the sixth Semester as semester or the final thesis. The studies abroad services are at the home institution fully recognized, provided they meet the specifications in the study and examination regulations. Thanks to intensive planning, therefore, the trial period will be extended not through a study abroad semester rule.

For semester abroad, the faculty has a number of cooperation agreements with universities, focusing the demand is correspondingly Anglophone speaking countries (European and non-European). There are also - as the list shows - more cooperation partners in neighboring European countries as well as in Jordan and China. It is this latter cooperation should enable students a look to Asia and to the markets generated there.

Research & Development

A particularly important feature of the Bachelor and Master studies at the Hochschule Furtwangen is the strong practical orientation. Research and development projects are an important part of the course and our close collaboration with industry. While studying the students put their knowledge into practice and work on a project for and with an industrial partner.

The faculty Medical and Life Sciences maintains a variety of contacts to companies and hospitals in the region, which are particularly active in the fields of mechanical engineering, precision engineering and medical technology. There are also good relations with companies from the fields of biotechnology and process engineering also from the surrounding area (Freiburg, Stuttgart, Tübingen, Basel, the Rhine-Neckar Triangle, Munich, Hamburg, Lübeck, ...) The examples named here areas of responsibility are defined constantly new and arising from the current demands of industry and society.

Biotechnology & Biosensors

  • Continuous fermentation of juices in membrane bioreactor
  • Biogas / energy from food waste
  • Enzyme Production Lagging and purification from yeasts

Chemical- / thermal- / Mechanical Process Engineering

  • Pollutant degradation by VUV Photoreactors
  • dry milling


  • Mass transport in "Artificial organs (kidney, liver, lung)"
  • Institute of Technical Medicine (ITEM)
  • Center for Applied Simulation: CardioSim

Environment and Society

  • environmental simulation
  • environmental management
  • Innovation & Gender Research
This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • German