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What differentiates Bucerius Law School?

Bucerius Law School is the first private, non-profit law school in Germany. Established and funded by one of the country’s largest private foundations, Bucerius Law School honors its namesake, Gerd Bucerius, by focusing on the importance of community service and responsibility for others in society. This visionary institution consistently ranks among the top law schools in Germany educating the best and brightest new legal minds today. Bucerius students excel on German state exams and go on to work with leading national and international law firms and corporations, governmental departments, and universities.

What does Bucerius Law School offer?

In the heart of Europe, Bucerius Law School connects the world – it offers the legal education, the practical experience, and the international network to set its students on a successful and fulfilling career path in today’s increasingly globalized world. Bucerius recognizes the importance of an international education and cultivates an expansive international network of nearly 100 partner universities worldwide and its own representative office in the United States. Bucerius attracts renowned scholars and instructors from the best legal institutions in the world to lecture in its English-language Summer Programs, the Master of Law and Business and its International Exchange Program.

What programs are available for international students?

The Bucerius Master of Law and Business (MLB) is a one-year program that offers young professionals a combination of theory and practice in an intimate setting with a focus on individual attention and professional guidance. Bucerius offers 3 intensive, three-week Summer Programs to advanced students and young professionals in the following fields: International Business Law, Licensing Transactions in Intellectual Property, Legal Technology and Operations. The one-semester International Exchange Program compliments students’ studies at their home universities through not only corresponding coursework but also cultural emersion, historic tours, and travel opportunities.

With innovation as a hallmark, Bucerius Law School continues to develop new programs and services such as Bucerius Executive Education and Conference and Event Management. All Bucerius programs are designed to help participants deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge, engage in debate with their international counterparts and develop their professional network.

Green campus in central Hamburg

The conditions for students seeking the MLB or LL.M. degree at Bucerius Law School are excellent. The campus is located in a park-like environment in the center of Hamburg. All buildings, completely renovated or newly-built, are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing students to follow their individual study habits. Small-group study rooms facilitate students' working together outside of class; a cafeteria, coffee lounge and small fitness center encourage students to relax and socialize. Because of its location and the quality of its facilities, Bucerius Law School is the site of a wide range of conferences, external lectures, and other international events. The program’s lecturers - both full-time academics and members of the practicing law and business communities - are approachable and willing to share their experience with students and offer advice whenever needed. As graduates often emphasize, program staff are dedicated to providing strong administrative and personal support to the students.



Bucerius Law School

Bucerius Law School
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