Université Jean Monnet - Faculté des Sciences et Techniques


The Faculty of Sciences and Technology has about 30 different streams of study in its departments. Almost 2700 students study on the campus La Métare or Manufacture.

Why choose Saint Etienne and its University?

Saint Etienne is a medium-sized town in South-Eastern France. Right next to the Parc du Pilat a natural park with wide-open spaces, great landscapes, and opportunities for sports: e.g. hiking, cycling, and snowshoeing. It is also within easy driving distance of the Alps and the seaside.

Why choose the Faculty of Sciences of Saint-Etienne?

Located in the neighborhood of “La Métare” or at the “Manufacture” and within easy reach of the city center. The Science Faculty has 7 departments of studies with their own bachelors, masters, and Ph.D.s:

  • Biology and Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Sport and Health (STAPS: Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sportive Activities)
  • Chemistry
  • Geology-Petrology
  • Genius (Engineering) and Industrial Sciences

Thanks to its size The Science Faculty offers a close and inclusive workplace that only a university of our size can.

The Science Faculty proposes student tutors to all our exchange students- essential to get to know the campus quickly and speed up integration.

The university disposes of a large range of sports facilities where students can keep fit and have fun discovering a new sport or keep up their usual sport/activity.

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Campus life

On the campus (Métare and Manufacture) you will also find a large modern library, a spacious cafeteria, many student associations, proposing for example excursions to discover the region.

How to apply?

Full student programs:


European students

Non-EU students

Study program in French (mainly)

Consult the main page of the faculty web site.

Depending on your country of origin, you may have to apply through Campus France, or you may be allowed to apply directly.

Study program in English

Web site for the application.

Web site for the application.

Visiting students

You can write a message with your CV, recent grades, and motivation letter to this email address: international-fst@univ-st-etienne.fr

Learning French

The University of Jean Monnet offers a French language training program for your studies in Saint-Etienne: CILEC

The CILEC, as well as running day courses, also runs evening courses, summer courses, courses specifically for Erasmus students, courses for au pairs, courses about art and design. The CILEC can also offer courses to prepare for certification in French.



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