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Who we are

Novancia trains a new generation of business development managers with dual expertise in both entrepreneurship and commerce and aims to guide them towards professional success.

Novancia - a Grande École of the Paris Île-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Paris Île-de-France) - positions itself as the school for those with a marked taste for action and commitment as well as the urge to experiment and open up to the world while being capable of creating social, ethical and environmental value.

The school welcomes diversified profiles within its Grande Ecole and Continuing and Executive Education programmes and is committed to bringing out to the full the talents of its students and trainees. It is located on two sites in Paris: Montparnasse and Porte de Champerret.

Novancia is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE), EFMD and AACSB International.

Business development education

A springboard to the sectors offering the best recruitment opportunities and value creation for the economy.

By stimulating innovation and promoting the professions and functions linked to business development, Novancia offers, within the world of education today, an original, pragmatic response to the needs of the business community by drawing on both its double expertise in entrepreneurship and commerce and its academic, professional and international partner networks, comprising:

  • Experts in commerce, distribution networks, and business development, with high-level expertise in market and consumer relationships ;
  • Innovative project managers able to apply their skills to all forms of entrepreneurial projects – SMEs, large groups…;
  • Business leaders, business creators or buyers, as well as stakeholders involved in the economy and the development and growth of business

Paris and the Île-de-France region

An educational project playing an integral part in an international, innovative, creative environment

Paris enjoys a unique concentration of researchers, major businesses and cutting-edge sectors of industry within Europe, with a third of France’s GDP produced in the Ile-de-France region. Faced with stiff international competition, the growth and development of innovation in the capital and its surrounding region is directly linked to and sustained by its dynamic forces: its human and creative resources. It is within this framework that Novancia has developed its educational project.

Key figures

  • 1,400 students
  • 65 permanent faculty
  • 400 adjunct faculty
  • 90 academic partners around the world
  • 9 double-degree partnerships
  • 3,000 trainees in Continuing and Executive Education
  • a 20,000-member alumni network

A new school… with plenty of history

Novancia was created following the merger, in November 2011, of Advancia and Negocia, two schools respectively dedicated to entrepreneurship and commerce. Its origins date back to 1863 when the CCIP founded its first business school, ECCIP.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • French

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Master in Management

Campus Full time September 2017 France Paris

The Master programme of Novancia is centred around 5 learning goals, comprising the acquisition of both general and management-specific knowledge and skills. [+]

The Master programme of Novancia is centred around 5 learning goals, comprising the acquisition of both general and management-specific knowledge and skills. They are as follows: Have a global perspective on key issues in the fields of management Develop, organise and manage innovative multi-dimensional projects at the industry sector, territory, and /or international level Develop and demonstrate professional expertise in the fields of commerce and entrepreneurship Demonstrate responsible and ethical professional behaviour sensitive to societal and environmental challenges Demonstrate the ability to identify and effectively solve complex problems in different environments, by applying an analytical and conceptual approach. The pedagogical approach of the programme is based on the following 5 key levers: The highly specialised academic content based on a solid core of business development principles, leading to a thorough knowledge and understanding of economic, financial, legal, environmental and international business issues. The importance of teaching students appropriate analysis and research skills (through seminars on research methodology and the preparation of a research thesis spanning the two-year programme) as well as strategic thinking skills. The business-specific content of the programme, demonstrated through the teaching of 4 specialisation tracks: Entrepreneurship & development of innovative activities Sales development & purchasing Marketing - Communication & digital media International Business Development An increased international focus, underlined by: The strong international dimension of the core teaching and specialisation tracks, The academic partnerships with universities and business schools throughout the world: student expatriation (study periods with foreign universities or internships), the welcoming of international students. An active pedagogical approach combining conceptualisation and practical application and placing specific emphasis on project management, providing the link between the different areas of knowledge acquired and encouraging cross-disciplinarity. The programme prepares future graduates who are able to: Show specific expertise in entrepreneurship and commerce, Set up their own company or significantly contribute to corporate development on a regional, national or international level, Be experts and dynamic players in business development, Be managers, developers and entrepreneurs able to combine and apply strategic, managerial, entrepreneurial and commercial skills and expertise in their business field. By the end of the 2-year programme… … the future graduate will: be ready to embark on a professional career with potential to evolve and adapt, as well as the capacity to develop businesses at a regional, national and international level, have gained a thorough knowledge and understanding of the corporate economic environment and the challenges of internationalisation, have acquired skills and expertise in strategy, management and interculturel awareness as well as a clear ethical stance in relation to the world of business, have a clearly defined professional project and be firmly committed to a specific professional sector. [-]

MSc in International Business Development & Consulting

Campus Full time 12  October 2017 France Paris

The International IBSA partners provide not only the academic challenge of high level study but also applied skills required in modern day Business. [+]

One programme, two masters degrees, two countries, one year Launch your Career in International Business from the IBSA Platform. Novancia’s specialization Students wishing to pursue Novancia’s specialization in International Business Development and Consulting (IBD&C) take the semester 1 core modules at any of the other member schools. Programme Overview The International IBSA partners provide not only the academic challenge of high level study but also applied skills required in modern day Business. Critical reasoning, strategic analysis of entrepreneurial companies, design & implementation of effective internationalisation processes all contribute to the Development of our competitively-edged graduates. Novancia’s well-connected links to business & industry in the Paris area provide an extensive network of professionals & entrepreneurs - a potential “clientele” for responsible but innovative Consulting. “Choosing to participate in this program has been one of the best decisions of my life. The experience of living and working in the cosmopolitan environment of Paris has been amazing. I have made what I’m sure will be life-long friends, both in and out of the classroom. While I’m sad that this chapter of my life is now closing, it is because of this chapter that I’m excited to see what the future has in store.” Laura Hodge (MSc 2012) Make a difference… …as an International Business Developer or a Consultant capable not only of thinking locally and acting globally, but also of thinking globally and acting locally. Broaden your horizons… …by contributing to and learning from the cultural diversity provided by teaching staff & course materials, business professionals as well as your fellow students. Fulfil your potential… …through the development of real business acumen and pertinent inter-cultural experience. Gain a competitive edge in the pursuit of your career objectives. Expand your network… …share in and contribute to a network of experts and entrepreneurs in a variety of professional fields. Benefit from the expertise and know-how of business leaders & academic specialists. “Novancia Business School provides an international business environment by being located in the heart of Paris. The state of the art building and classrooms allow for an enhanced learning experience. The mix of students in the program enables students to expand their cultural awareness and promotes international thought leadership. My company helps clients expand to the American market from European markets, or vice versa. I analyze the business issue, develop a strategy to solve the problem, create deliverables, and implement the strategy to achieve the desired results. I apply the international business development and consulting concepts that I learned in order to meet client needs on a weekly basis.” Jordan Barrett Consulting Analyst Gershon Consulting (MSc 2014) Two institutions + two countries = a dual Master’s Degree in one year First semester: The first semester (October to January) is spent either at Novancia or at one of the partner institutions where five subjects + one elective are studied. Second semester either abroad: For the second semester (February to June), if the first semester has been spent at Novancia, a different partner institution is then chosen to undertake the specialisation either in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management, or International Finance and Investmesnts, or Human Resource Management, or International Marketing or Management in Emerging Economies, or Global and Islamic Finance. Or second semester at Novancia: If a partner Institution was chosen for study in the first semester, the second semester can be taken at Novancia where the specialisation is International Business Development & Consulting. Third semester: The programme will be concluded with a Master’s thesis in the third semester (June to September), taken normally at the institution in which the specialisation was chosen. Dual Master’s Degree At the end of their studies graduates will receive a dual master’s degree (90 ECTS) from the two different partner universities/business schools attended. IBSA partner universities in the world Hochschule Bremen: MBA Universitat de Valencia Estudi General: International MBA Institute of Business Studies, Moscow: MA University of North Carolina Wilmington: MBA University of Hertfordshire: MSc Universiti Tun Abdul Razak: MBA Novancia Business School Paris: MSc [-]