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An International Education:

With over 400 students from 30 different countries, La Rochelle has a long tradition of welcoming International Students. By developing agreements with companies and partner universities across the world, La Rochelle Business School continues to achieve it's international aims:

  • develop in students an international outlook and experience of the corporate world
  • increase student mobility (study abroad at partner universities, work internships across the world and Humacité (humanitarian and social) missions)
  • increase the mobility of teachers (strengthening international collaborations, particularly in the field of research).
  • increase the number of job opportunities for students abroad

La Rochelle Business School is proud to be one of France’s Elite Business Schools (Grandes Ecoles) offering Bachelor, Master and MBA Degrees in Business and Tourism Management. Students can choose to study in either French or English language.

Why France? Why La Rochelle:

Studying in France means being part of one of the world’s most effective education systems. With the world’s fourth largest economy and the most visited country in the world, over 260,000 students International Students have currently chosen France for all or part of their higher education – the third most popular destination in the world. With its strong focus on work internships and international exchange, choosing to study in La Rochelle allows you to do this in a region of France reputed for its ‘quality of life’.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • French

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This school also offers:


Master in Management – Grande Ecole Programme

Campus Full time 24 - 36  September 2017 France La Rochelle

The Master in Management aims to prepare future graduates to their employability through a training high academic level, opened to the world and linked to the problems of companies. [+]

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The Master in Management aims to prepare future graduates to their employability through a training high academic level, opened to the world and linked to the problems of companies. In keeping with this mission, the basic programme includes academic knowledge, professional skills and personal development. Triple specialization: functions, sectors of activity, geocultural zones! Function specialization to choose from: - Marketing Management - Sales and Marketing - Marketing and E-Business - Financial and Audit Management - Management and financial controlling - Logistics Purchasing - Human Resources Management - Consulting - Corporation’s Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development Management (taught in English) - International Project Management (taught in English) - Hospitality Management - Event Management - Touristic Destinations - Entrepreneurship Sector specialization to choose from: - Event (taught in English) - Sport - Environment and Sustainable development - Tourism - Banking & Insurance - Retailing - Industry - Luxury (taught in English) International Business Area Studies, six geo-cultural area to choose from: - Middle East North Africa - Asia Pacific (taught in English) - Europe (taught in English) - Latin America - North America (taught in English) - Sub-Saharan Africa Language: English or French ... [-]


Msc Tourism Management

Campus September 2017 France La Rochelle

The <strong>MSc Tourism Management</strong>Combines content lessons in management and tourism, professional framed in vivo applications, a learning pace, a long six-month internship in France or abroad, the participation of professionals and individualized support . [+]


For several years, tourism has an essential place in the development of the economy mondialeOffrant many professional opportunities, the industry must adapt to profound changes in consumer behavior level, issues of sustainable development and use new technologies. Companies are seeking new profiles that combine managerial rigor, industry expertise and direction of development. Founded 10 years ago, La Rochelle Business School of Tourism trains versatile profiles have a real know-being, open to others and having the direction of the result. Relying on multiple learning modes in intercultural situations and land experiences, the School trains professionals to respond to different types of items or issues which will be able to evolve throughout their career. The expertise is built gradually by the project each student over the options and specializations. These individual choices allow everyone to build their profile and promote its employabilité.Nous are convinced that students must work their differences, both in the course as savoirs- be. Individual coaching, academic expatriation abroad or Humacité Mission are all experience situations that help develop the adaptability and personality. Victor Gervasoni - Director La Rochelle Business School of Tourism ... [-]


Studying in La Rochelle

25 Year Anniversary of La Rochelle Business School

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