The University of Toulouse Graduate School of Management


The University of Toulouse Graduate School of Management (Institut d’Administration des Entreprises - IAE) offers degrees at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels in management for both full time higher education and continuing education students. The main disciplines of management, accounting auditing, finance, marketing, human resource management, and strategic management are taught within a professionally-oriented framework. Teaching styles, international contacts, integration of top-level professionals are all designed to meet the objectives of each diploma programme and contribute to the excellent reputation of IAE among students and business professionals.

Toulouse Graduate School of Management, the keys to success

Located in the heart of Toulouse, IAE offers students a rich and learning environment. With up-to-date computer and library network facilities, video conferencing rooms and strong administrative support, IAE provides ideal conditions for students to adapt to local challenges and to be successful in their studies.

Matching business world needs

IAE Toulouse works in close interaction with the business world. Numerous agreements and company sponsored chairs organise our cooperation with economic partners. We offer students the necessary skills to take up responsibilities in any company and assist them in their career plans. Furthermore, IAE develops specific programmes to respond to companies training needs.
Teaching and research

Teaching and research staff at IAE actively participate in generating knowledge in their fields of expertise through numerous research publications and the organisation of conferences. Scientific excellence stands behind the national and international reputation of IAE amongst institutions of higher education and research worldwide.

The research in Management is organised within the Centre de Recherche en Management (CRM - CNRS affiliated research laboratory), whose seminars and conferences are fully integrated into the programme.



Institut d'Administration des Entreprises
2, rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty

31042 Toulouse, Occitanie, France

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