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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Asia Online

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Online learning works around your busy schedule with ERAU Asia Online Campus To find out more about our online programs, please click here Embry-Riddle Asia Online Campus is known for more than just our highly regarded aviation and aerospace programs. Embry-Riddle recognizes that completing a degree in a traditional classroom environment doesn't work for everyone. We understand most adult learners have very busy lives and face unique challenges while earning a degree. We… [+] are here to help you overcome those challenges so you can focus on your education. If you are looking for flexibility and convenience, consider this: Taking online classes with Embry-Riddle means no commuting, no traffic, and no sitting in a classroom after a long day at work. With just a computer and an Internet connection, you can work toward a degree from practically anywhere. Here are just some of the benefits of taking courses through our Online Campus: We have decades of experience assisting Online students, which has led to an experience that other schools cannot offer. We are exceptionally knowledgeable in assisting Military, Veteran, and Civilian students. Your goal is a degree. We stay in touch with you every step of the way to make sure you stay focused on that goal. We work with you to develop personalized degree maps -- individually created to show how you can graduate from Day 1, no matter your other life/work challenges. The majority of Academic Advisors are adult learners just like you, and many are Embry-Riddle Alumni. With 12 undergraduate and five graduate start terms throughout the year, it's never too late to start on your path to a degree. See our degrees and programs, below, see our Course Schedules, or see what minors we offer. [-]


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Integrating a member institution IONIS Education Group is to join the first group of private higher education in France. This is a benefit that goes beyond the structural realities, it is a state of mind shared around a common vision and strong values: The importance given to human and acquisitions practices, not only in the assimilation of knowledge, because a school is also a place to consolidate his personality. The overriding emphasis placed on learning the modifications… [+] to the analysis of changes to master new situations. The permanent opening at the International, the business dynamics, innovation and creativity, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. The IONIS Group embodies a current teaching, because he listens worlds and transformations that surround it. Better understand the families, students, youth and better integrate developments in our societies, appears as a duty IONIS Education Group needs to exercise to stay still relevant and efficient. A single network Created 35 years ago by Marc Sellam, IONIS Education Group is now the largest group of private higher education in France. Twenty schools and entities * gather in 12 cities in France over 23,500 business students, marketing and communication, management, IT, aeronautics, energy, transport, biology and creation ... The Group has given IONIS aims to train New Intelligence for Enterprise. A strong opening at the International, a high sensitivity to innovation and entrepreneurship, a genuine "culture of adaptability and change," these are the main values ​​taught to future graduates of the group's schools . They will thus become key players in the economy of tomorrow, joining alumni networks of our institutions, which together exceed 65,000 members. The synergy between the schools is reinforced by the deployment of a digital network by optical fiber, unique in higher education in France: IONIS Digital System (Internet 1.5Gbps, 1Gbps fiber link between sites). Great sensitivity to innovation, a predilection for entrepreneurship, a genuine "culture of adaptability and change" are the main values ​​taught to future graduates of schools of IONIS Education Group, to those who will become key players in the economy and the world of tomorrow. These are the pillars of his vocation form New Intelligence for Enterprise. Facts and Figures 1 digital campus in France dedicated to ICT and the Internet. Nearly 6,000 students. A site open 7/7, 24h / 24 to help students live their projects at their own pace. A single cluster bringing together schools of engineering and digital expertise, research laboratories, incubators and startups. 4 schools: EPITA, Epitech, Web @ cademie, Ionis School of Technology & Management meltyNetwork, start-up founded by Alexander Malsh (Epitech Promo 2009), Vice President of Digital National Council. Incubators: Creative Valley, partnership and Epitech Push'Pull and StartUp42 EPITA by the start-up accelerator. Ten applied research laboratories and fundamental in all areas of digital and computer. Over 60 student associations involved in many fields: sports, games, Japanese animation, culture, research, entrepreneurship, robotics, photo, video ... A unique equipment in France IONIS Digital System: a 1Gbps fiber owner with 1.5 Gbps of bandwidth that connects 12 cities in France where IONIS Education Group operates. [-]

City Colleges - Online Learning

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Welcome to the College of e-Learning at City Colleges At the College of e-Learning, we offer the same City Colleges courses but in an online format. Students enjoy the benefits of world-class online resources, the best and most up-to-date study materials, and a relentless commitment to personal attention. City Colleges’ College of eLearning represents a completely novel approach to third-level professional education and examination preparation on the web. Many of Ireland’s lea… [+] ding lecturers in the areas of Law, Accountancy, Media, Entertainment & Journalism, Business, Computing & IT, the Arts, Criminology, and Psychology have come together to offer students a different kind of educational experience, one where the learner’s needs are paramount, and his or her expectations are constantly surpassed. How it Works E-learning is proven to be a highly effective method of instruction. It has provided millions of learners with invaluable opportunities to progress their studies in a convenient, more affordable and efficient manner. A report commissioned by the US Department of Education (Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning (2010)) found that “classes with online learning (whether taught completely online or blended) on average produce stronger student learning outcomes than do classes with solely face-to-face instruction”, and “.. that, on average, students in online learning conditions performed modestly better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.” Taking a course with the College of eLearning at City Colleges couldn’t be easier. You will have access to the full complement of lectures (live or recorded – the choice is yours), exceptional course materials in downloadable format, and personal, one-to-one support from your course tutor. [-]

ESMAC : École Supérieure des Métiers des Arts appliqués et de la Culture

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ESMAC, EXHAUSTEUR DE TALENTS LA FORMATION À DISTANCE AU PLUS PROCHE DE VOTRE RÉUSSITE ! ESMAC est une école supérieure d’arts appliqués, de design, de graphisme et d’événementiel dont l’originalité est d’être à distance. C’est une force qui fait d’ESMAC le premier établissement privé à délivrer autant de formations - nous en proposons 13 de post BAC à BAC+5- à distance et en e-learning. Notre approche novatrice a pour ambition d’ancrer nos enseignements, dans les enjeux de la créatio… [+] n, en veillant particulièrement à former aux réalités du monde professionnel. Le parcours de l’élève est totalement individualisé. Tout le cursus se déroule autour de ses projets artistiques personnels, avec un enseignement de culture générale riche et une connaissance des différents contextes artistiques. Notre objectif est de permettre à chacun de nos élèves de devenir un créateur ouvert au monde contemporain, en accentuant la singularité de ses points de vue et en l’aidant à développer ses talents. A son propre tempo. LE MOT DU DIRECTEUR "Pour bien enseigner, il faut savoir s’interroger, se remettre en question et veiller attentivement aux évolutions de notre environnement. L’innovation pédagogique est une récurrence dans notre réflexion comme dans nos propositions. Notre objectif chaque année, c’est d’accueillir de nouvelles générations d’élèves pour les accompagner vers leur avenir. Plus précisément, nous inscrivons demain dans l’ADN de notre enseignement pluridisciplinaire en plaçant l’apprenant au centre de sa formation. Nous considérons l’apprentissage permanent comme un de nos fondamentaux et nous affirmons qu’œuvrer pour que le monde de la connaissance devienne la passerelle vers l’employabilité et l’épanouissement professionnel, c’est notre contrat moral." Sophie Ducros - Directrice ESMAC Méthode pédagogique Vous êtes au cœur de votre apprentissage. Votre tempo est le nôtre, nous le respectons et nous nous y adaptons. Nous vous proposons un enseignement dématérialisé avec le soutien de nos équipes. Nous le centrons sur votre développement de compétences et le structurons avec l’interaction de tuteurs et de coachs. Notre méthode pédagogique s'articule autour de quatre axes : La proximité de notre enseignement à distance Correction personnalisée de tous vos devoirs (peu de correction automatisée hors quizz), Disponibilité à tout moment de nos cours et de leurs devoirs, Souplesse et adaptabilité pour tous grâce à l’absence de connexion simultanée. L’humanité du Online pour optimiser votre formation Grâce au soutien des professeurs, véritables facilitateurs et spécialistes dans votre domaine, qui vous accompagnent tout au long de votre cursus, corrigent vos devoirs, accompagnent vos mémoires, vos projets tutorés et répondent par mails, skype, tel, chat, à vos questions. Grâce au soutien des coachs, interfaces et vrais médiateurs,qui tissent un lien essentiel tout au long de votre parcours. Ils vous aident à vous remotiver et répondent à toutes vos interrogations d’ordre général comme à vos questions particulières. Par un accompagnement individualisé au rythme de votre tempo. Les bons outils au service de votre apprentissage Conformité de nos cours spécifiques et conçus sur mesure aux référentiels des certificateurs, Devoirs en grand nombre accessibles sur la plateforme, Workshops et projets collaboratifs à distance, pour des titres RNCP, qui vous permettent d’acquérir les compétences nécessaires à la bonne construction de votre projet professionnel. La Plateforme pédagogique Nous mettons à votre disposition notre plateforme personnalisée, notre Learning Management System (LMS). Notre LMS évolue avec vos attentes et nos propositions. Les mises à jour des cours et des devoirs sont régulières et fonction de la technologie comme des lois. Consultable à tout moment, notre LMS : Délivre vos cours et leurs devoirs qui respectent les référentiels et les exigences des certificateurs, Permet que vous suiviez votre progression pédagogique en vous donnant les outils de mesure de votre travail, Notifie quand vos devoirs sont corrigés, Sécurise tous vos échanges, les rend simples, fluides et pratiques et surtout, respecte votre propre rythme, Propose des quizz pour certaines formations, Offre des infos et des actus dans votre spécialité… Garantie Qualité des formations ESMAC est membre d'Eductive Group, groupe d'enseignement supérieur d'envergure national composé d'une vingtaine d'écoles. ESMAC dispense des Titres Certifiés enregistrés au Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) sous la responsabilité de la Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle, elle-même placée sous l'autorité du Ministère du Travail. ESMAC, en tant qu’organisme privé d'enseignement à distance, est soumis au contrôle pédagogique et à l’inspection de Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale conformément à l'article 444- 3 du Code de l'Education. ESMAC est également soumis à l'article R444-14 ESMAC est enregistré en tant qu'organisme de formation auprès de la Direction Régionale du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle (DRTEFP). L'établissement est soumis au contrôle du Ministère du Travail conformément aux articles L6361-1 et L6361-2 du Code du travail. ESMAC est membre de l'INSHED une association de droit Suisse dont le siège est à Genève. Elle délivre des Bachelors SDS®et des Mastères Professionnels SDS® acquis par capitalisation et cumul de crédits (ECTS). La CNUCED a pour mandat de déterminer les mesures propres à aider les entreprises, particulièrement les PME à se conformer aux normes internationales, à promouvoir leur capacité en matière de technologie et d'innovation, de les aider à accéder aux nouvelles technologies et de renforcer leur participation dans les chaînes mondiales de valeur. La mission de l'OMPI est de promouvoir l'innovation et la créativité aux fins du développement économique, social et culturel de tous les pays au moyen d'un système international de propriété intellectuelle équilibré et efficace. Développement durable NOTRE RESPONSABILITE SOCIETALE EST INSCRITE DANS NOTRE ADN Dématérialisé, notre enseignement à distance est par essence, plus léger dans ses process de fonctionnement, plus respectueux de son environnement et plus socialement responsable. Les déplacements physiques supprimés, c’est un gain de temps, précieux et libéré du stress des transports, pour nos élèves. Chaque élève orchestre son temps pour étudier à son propre tempo, où il veut, quand il veut. Un vrai confort qui optimise son apprentissage. L’usage principal du web limite considérablement le recours à des supports pédagogiques en print. [-]


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Overview: Remote School With distance learning, you take control of your learning to activate the steering your career success. At your tempo. The distance is transforming information into knowledge! Acquiring knowledge is now possible at any time, to the greatest number. Our major role is to assist you in thinking and building your knowledge. Your future is at the heart of our concerns! INEAD offers with his team doubling up of tutors and coaches, cognitive pedagogy and… [+] true to the Socratic method of Socrates! INEAD, Specialist E-learning Training Specialist in distance higher education since 2008, INEAD offers 52 courses in e-learning courses in 9: Human Resources Marketing, Communications, Events Banking, Finance, Insurance Environment, Sustainability Management and Business Management Logistics and Supply Chain Computers, Web Design Tourism, Hotels Social, Medical, Health Our difference is our coaching and personal coaching we assure our 1,200 students per year. Also, our students can study when they want, where they want and at their own pace. teaching method You are at the heart of learning. Your tempo is ours, we respect and we adapt to it. We offer a paperless education with the support of our teams. We are focusing on developing your skills and structuring the interaction with tutors and coaches. Our teaching method is based on four axes: The proximity of our distance learning The humanity of online to optimize your training The right tools to serve your apprenticeship The educational platform The institute Quality policy The vocation of Eductive Group, which belongs INEAD, is to work for the professional future of its students. It includes a set of high schools, each specializing in a sector or several sectors, but with a common currency: training - a job - a job. INEAD is a pilot school group in distance education; it has become a major player in France for distance education. This goal requires among others the implementation of a quality policy. Moreover, the rise of information and communication technologies applied to teaching and training, new customer expectations, the changing educational context ... necessary to integrate and sometimes anticipate these changes in teaching methods of the Institute. By relying on a quality approach and thus highlighting listening and customer satisfaction, the Institute intends to remain true to its values. Quality policy, we wanted to initiate INEAD, aims to provide opportunities to its staff and its customers. It covers four areas: Enhanced employability: Provide training which, given a difficult market access to youth employment, promote professional integration. Sustainable employability: Provide training that promote analytical skills, critical thinking, but also the citizen sense, personal growth, openness to Europe and the world ... for the student garners profitable assets throughout his professional career. A pedagogy of success: Use instructional design and technology to achieve the best possible results, based on a body of teaching staff, the development of teamwork on individual support of students on tools interactive information and communication. A culture of high standards and quality: Develop among staff a continuous improvement approach understood, shared and accepted by all. training guarantees quality EDUCTIVE GROUP : INEAD is a member of Eductive Group, group teaching higher national scale consists of twenty schools. RNCP CERTIFICATION : INEAD exemption Securities Certified registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) under the responsibility of the National Commission for Vocational Certification, itself under the authority of the Ministry of Labour. CONTROL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION : INEAD is subject to the teaching and administrative control of the Ministry of Education, in accordance with Article L. 442-2 of the Education Code. FINANCIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL OF THE MINISTRY OF LABOUR : INEAD is registered as a training organization with the Regional Directorate of Labour, Employment and Vocational Training (DRTEFP). The property is subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Labour in accordance with Articles L6361-1 and L6361-2 of the Labour Code. FEDE MEMBER : INEAD is a member of the European Federation of Schools (FEDE). Founded in 1963, FEDE today represents 75 European Diplomas awarded by more than 14,000 students in over 350 schools in France and Europe.Tous the FEDE diplomas are based on the European Credit Transfer System and European credit accumulation Credit Transfer System (ECTS). ACCREDITATION BY FEDE IACBE : The IACBE (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education) accredits training programs that meet specific requirement criteria. Accredited training should aim to acquire specific professional skills to the workplace. All DEES FEDE diplomas issued by the accredited IACBE. [-]


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Enaco is the first remote business school in France offering 35 diplomas and skills training in the areas of trade, management, sales, marketing, real estate and Rh to Bac +5. Conduct training All courses offered by Enaco will fully follow online eTrotter, our virtual campus developed by our teams. On eTrotter, the student has access to all her classes, homework but also to virtual classrooms. eTrotter includes sharing and exchange features (chat, forum, wiki ...) and Google… [+] Apps. The student can thus share in video conferencing with teachers via Google Hangout video chat service directly from Google. E-Trotter is accessible 24 24, 7 days 7, both on computer, tablet smartphone that: you can train you or that you are and whenever you like! Educational monitoring Throughout your training you will be followed by our teaching team. You will have mentoring and individual support and personalized learning. You get a personal exchange with the teacher of each subject. These exchanges take place by phone, email, live chat and / or video conferences. To assist you better, your teachers regularly organize thematic virtual classrooms. ENACO, excellence in an innovative school Enaco is subject to the pedagogical control of National Education and the European Federation of Schools and is ISO 9001 and Veriselect. Our various accreditations and approvals demonstrate our commitment to the quality of our training, the satisfaction of our students and their employability. BTS proposed by ENACO are recognized and submitted to the pedagogical control of National Education and Bachelors and Masters are, in turn, recognized by the FEDE. 9 Our quality commitments A virtual campus accessible 24h / 24 and fully compatible tablets and smartphones to study or you want, when you want! A virtual campus at the forefront of educational innovation: integration of Google Apps, including Hangout, to monitor live video discussions involving up to 15 people The many community tools (forums, chats, wikis, Hangout ...) and a tracking system to exchange and create a true sharing with teachers and between students Lack of additional costs for training: no travel expenses, accommodation, catering ... Experienced teachers from the professional world and the higher education An ISO 9001 quality certification and Veriselect, proof of the commitment of our establishment in the quality of our courses The opportunity to register and start training at any time A rhythm training for every situation (accelerated or spread over time) An accompaniment to employment after graduation, by the firm Page Personnel [-]

Ecole Supérieure Ouverte à Distance

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Follow your personalized training in a community of 39 countries! ESOAD is 10 BACHELOR - BAC + 3: QSE / Tourism / administration / management / finance / environment / HR / marketing / distribution / communication ESOAD is 3 titles RNCP - BAC + 3/4: ESOAD is a very simple proposition: to be able to work in the field of finance, Freedom to integrate training when you want, freedom to change training if you wish, freedom to be able to stop if you wish. ESOAD is the guarantee… [+] of being accompanied from the first day until you graduate. Ask your questions, listen to the testimonials of our elders, get in touch with our referring teachers. [-]