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Innovative, involved and international; ESSEC Business School, one of the leading institutions in Europe for business education, offers a unique learning experience that trains responsible leaders who are able to reinvent business. Accredited by AACSB and EQUIS, ESSEC maintains a superior level of academic excellence that is recognized worldwide.

Founded in 1907, ESSEC has built its influential brand name on our comprehensive range of programs that have evolved in response to student needs, corporate developments and an evolving business climate.

The Financial Times ranks ESSEC Business School:

  • Number 3 Worldwide for the MSc in Management program
  • Number 7 Worldwide for the Master in Finance

Innovative by nature

At ESSEC, innovation is part of our background, our educational techniques and our entrepreneurial projects. ESSEC is home to 130 professors and 17 Emeriti professors, representing 30 nationalities, who are dedicated to creating new management ideas, approaches, and concepts to meet 21st century challenges through their research. ESSEC Ventures, created in 2000, is a unique endeavor designed to support ESSEC students with business creation projects. Since its creation, the entrepreneurial structure has incubated 245 projects and created 180 companies.

Involved in career development

ESSEC’s dynamic learning environment allows participants the flexibility to integrate professional experience with their choice of courses. Thanks to our commitment to corporate relations, 700 corporate partners participate in training and recruitment programs, 15,000 internships and work-study opportunities are made available to students every year and 100 companies are associated with teaching and research chairs.

International in scope

The ESSEC community, spanning five campuses in Cergy-Pontoise (France), Paris-La Défense, Singapore, Morocco and Mauritius is made up of students representing over 90 nationalities. The school’s first-rate professors, 50% international, foster the culturally enhancing experience. ESSEC continues to develop its global presence through its network of 183 partner universities in 42 countries, through which ESSEC offers 19 double-degree options. In addition, a vast network of 47,000 active alumni stretches across the globe.


The programs taught in English include:

  • Global Bachelor of Business Administration
  • MSc in Management (Grande Ecole)
  • Master in Finance (and the double degree including the Advanced Master in Financial Techniques)
  • MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics
  • Advanced Master in Strategy and Management of International Business (SMIB)
  • MSc in Hospitality Management IMHI
  • Global MBA
  • ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA
  • Executive MBA Asia Pacific

Additionally, 10 Advanced Masters programs and a wide range of executive education courses are also offered in French.

Campus Locations

ESSEC Business School is spread across 3 campuses in:

  • Cergy-Pontoise: 35 minutes from the center of Paris
  • Paris-La Défense: in the heart of Paris’s business district
  • Singapore: located in the Nepal Hill business district
  • Rabat, Morcco: located in the municipality of Sidi Bouknadel in the heart of the Rabat-Salé urban area
  • Mauritius: at the heart of the Indian Ocean and at the crossroads of 2 continents
This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This school also offers:


Advanced Master in Strategy and Management of International Business

Campus Full time 12 - 15  September 2017 France Cergy-Pontoise

The Advanced Master in Strategy and Management of International Business is a full-time, intensive and comprehensive program. [+]

A word from the Academic Director "Being SMIB is not only a label that you get when joining the academic programme. It is a real mindset, attitude and way of living that will stick to you all along the years. I can assert this, not only as the appointed Academic Director of the programme, but also as a former SMIB myself. This would be the summary of this SMIB-spirit: business-oriented, open-minded, bold and authentic. Being open-minded is not an advertising catch phrase for the SMIB programme. We really live diversity in our daily life: when on campus, through the various nationalities represented in the programme; when on business trips; when at work, through the many chosen expatriation paths that SMIBs are in… So how do we do it? Simply because our focus is on excellence, in whatever we do. And to be excellent, one needs emotional, cultural, theoretical and practical intelligence. So if you are not fully convinced, read on!" Anne-Flore Maman Larraufie (PhD), Academic Director of the MS SMIB Why should I do the MS SMIB? Get ready to join the global job market with this internationally focused programme, which includes: core courses taught 100% in English a choice of specialised track offered at all corners of the globe with 3 leading partner universities each with a specific career goal in mind an international field trip the possibility to learn French and Mandarin as a foreign language an in-company project to be carried out anywhere in the world the chance to mix with a very diverse student class and teaching faculty Academic Requirements Core coursesWhatever track you decide to follow, rest assured that you will not be thrown in at the deep-end but first be able to gain all the necessary knowledge and skills via the fundamental and core courses. You will start the year with team building and cover the following topics taught in professional and dynamic formats including interactive seminars, simulation games and workshops: geopolitics and cross-cultural issues micro and macroeconomics strategy (building, marketing & management) corporate finance (reporting, analysis & strategy) competitive intelligence business law Study trips A one-week study trip is included in the programme and is the perfect opportunity for you to meet with local based companies and professionals. Depending on the destination - which changes each year - you will be able to discover a wide range of sectors and delve into local issues.In the past few years, students have visited Geneva, San Francisco, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Milan, Ho Chi Minh, Miami, London and Shanghai. You will be able to apply the theories and skills you have picked up and built on during the academic part of the programme in your field project, which is also where 45% of graduates end up getting their first permanent contract. Another 26% go straight into full time employment at the end of the academic time instead of embarking on an internship. Examples of companies hiring last year’s SMIB interns and graduates: Christian Dior Couture, Tag Heuer Orange Sodexo Asia Pacific SAP Veolia Japan Airbus Natixis, Société Générale Sanofi, Ipsen, GE Medical Systems Roland Berger KPMG [-]

Master in Finance

Campus Full time 15  September 2017 France Cergy-Pontoise Singapore + 1 more

The Master in Finance, recognized by the French Higher Education and Research Ministry as Master Degree, and ranked 7th best Master in Finance worldwide by the Financial Times in 2016, is a graduate program tailored to individual needs and goals. [+]

A word from the Academic Director “The increasingly globalized and complex economy creates an additional demand for graduates with a well-recognized expertise in all areas of finance. In addition, corporate financial directors, consulting (advisory) firms, investment banks and financial institutions are in need of in-depth technical knowledge in finance.Career-oriented and internationally focused, the ESSEC Master in Finance is a highly selective and intensive program designed to offer high quality training to high potential students who wish to pursue a career in corporate finance, financial markets, asset and portfolio management as well as risk management. The program has a strong international dimension and teaches students to adapt to a multicultural environment, addressing multinational issues and providing exposure to both Europe and Asia. It offers a global approach to finance with a strong emphasis on the underlying skills necessary to operate in today’s financial professions.” Professor Sridhar Arcot, Academic Director of the Master in Finance. Ph.D. in Finance, LSE, Associate Professor, Finance Department. Academic The Master in Finance, recognized by the French Higher Education and Research Ministry as Master Degree, is a graduate program tailored to individual needs and goals. It offers 3 specialized tracks in Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, and Asset Management. The curriculum is flexible and it is full-time during 15 months. The 90 ECTS credits cover courses, an international study trip and an internship or academic dissertation. Students can choose to enroll the program either on the ESSEC France campus (Cergy, Paris area), or the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus (Singapore). Regardless of campus choice, the program - and intake - starts in September. Courses The Master in Finance is an intensive program with 21 Core courses and 29 Elective courses. The program is tailored to each student’s career goals and individual needs.Core courses include: Corporate financial management Financial markets Options Macroeconomics Econometrics Options Mergers & Acquisitions Advanced Derivatives Fixed Incomes Introduction seminar to Financial career Financial Theory Introduction seminar to Asset Management & Insurance and many more You will then have a choice of elective courses to match your personal interests and professional ambitions.Elective courses cover such topics as: VBA Programing for Market Finance and Corporate Finance Real Estate Finance Commodity markets & Energy products Volatility Trading Game Business Analysis & Value Creation Asset management simulation game and many more Who can apply? The Master in Finance is a selective program designed for high-potential candidates holding (or currently pursuing) a Master’s degree or 4-year Bachelor in engineering, science, mathematics, business or economics. Candidates are expected to have an excellent academic record, be open-minded, internationally oriented and exhibit leadership potential. Holders of a 3-year Bachelor degree are also eligible to apply. They will have to complete an additional first year which includes a first term of 6 courses followed by a 6-month internship. [-]

MSc in Management (Grande Ecole)

Campus Full time 2 - 3  September 2017 France Cergy-Pontoise Singapore + 1 more

The MSc in Management, ranked 3rd worldwide in best Masters in Management by the Financial Times, is a full-time and intensive 2-3 year program. It fuses excellent academic teaching, with real-life professional experience with some of the world's most intriguing companies. [+]

Message from the Dean "The ESSEC Master in Management combines the best of a prestigious French "Grande Ecole" programme with a unique exposure to international experiences. With two world class campuses in both Paris and Singapore, with a body of more than hundred permanent faculty trained in the best universities worldwide, ESSEC provides its students with the rare opportunity to learn the fundamentals of management, to apply them through various pedagogical and professional experiences and to become leaders able to succeed across sectors and continents. The ESSEC Master in Management epitomises the "pioneer spirit" that is at the core of ESSEC's DNA. Encouraging its students to innovate, to launch new ventures, to explore new frontiers, to interact both in and outside the classroom, etc, the ESSEC Master in Management programme prepares French and international students for a successful path, using their business skills to make the world a better place. So if you are ready to live up to the challenge and embrace ESSEC's values and tradition of academic excellence, we'll be thrilled to welcome you into our Master in Management programme! Anne-Claire Pache, Dean of Masters Programs If you are enrolled in the MSc in Management program, you can choose between starting your first year at the ESSEC France Campus or at the ESSEC Asia Pacific Campus. Depending on your choice, the curriculum of the first year changes. At the ESSEC France Campus: The year starts with refresher courses geared at bringing your current knowledge to required levels. This way, you will be able to truly participate in the more challenging courses that will follow. After that, from trimester 2 onwards, you will personalize your curriculum: next to following core courses you choose from the many electives (more than 200!) that you find interesting. Don't want to stay in France? In that case you can also choose to do courses or pursue a double degree at one of our 94 partner universities. You decide when to do what, so this could also be the period in which you don't have class, but instead do an internship, apprenticeship, volunteer or accrue other professional experience. At the ESSEC Asia-Pacific Campus: Exclusively in Singapore, refresher courses are integrated with hands-on business consultancy experience with respectable firms operating in Asia (Club Med, Sodexo, etc.). From the challenges of social business to entrepreneurial initiative, you will be able to put your knowledge into practice. Trimester 2 and 3 in Singapore are different, in the sense that you choose a track after your refresher courses. There are three tracks: The Core Management track is a highly popular track that allows you to validate the nine core courses and your international experience required during your studies at ESSEC (if you are not a Singaporean resident), in just six months. The Corporate Finance track, allows you to specialize during your foundation year in a program dedicated to Finance with courses such as Firm Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions and Financial Statement Analysis. You will reap the benefits of a strong professional network, in an Asian environment devoted to Finance, right from the start. The Entrepreneurship & Innovation track will let you become part of the Silicon Valley of Asia and bring business ideas to life: ESSEC’s partnership with the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Singapore and its close proximity to Launchpad@JTC provide a conducive environment for budding entrepreneurs. Choosing and keeping options open Regardless of your choice, after your first year all your options remain open and are the same for all students. If you started in France, you still have the option to spend your second year in Singapore and pursue any and every program offered*. Was Singapore your start choice, you'd be welcome to continue your second year in Singapore (7 specialized tracks available) or come to the ESSEC France campus. You design your curriculum, but your options remain open! *the spots to swap over to Singapore are limited and given on the basis of performance and profile. Academic Requirements You will get all the basics you need through the 9 compulsory core modules and then you can study what you like, choose to specialise or not, by taking a minimum 16 elective courses. The Core Track’s 9 mandatory courses can be taken on either ESSEC campus: Financial Accounting and Reporting Management Control Business Economics Principles of Finance Organisational Theory and Behaviour Marketing Management Strategy and Management Information Systems/Technology (IS/IT) for Managers Law or Operations You also have to study a foreign language during your time at the school. If you are a non-native French speaker, you will have to study French. You are also free to study additional languages: German, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. 200+ elective courses offered in English and French Choose to stay generalist and take classes from any and all of the 8 teaching departments at the school: Accounting & Management Control Public & Private Policy Economics Finance Information Systems, Decision Sciences & Statistics Management Marketing Operations Management. OR Choose to specialise in one particular job or field via the specialised tracks and chairs (see below sections). At this point, It is entirely up to you to decide what you study, depending on where your interests like and what best fits your future career plans. 20 specialised tracks To give an example of a few tracks on both campuses offered 100% in English: Financial Markets Corporate Finance Business Analytics B2B relationship management Operation Management Information systems Agri-food Global Manager in Europe (summer module) PhD Please note that some tracks on the Cergy campus are taught entirely or partially in French and so a grasp of the French language for international students is necessary should you choose those courses. All tracks at the Singapore campus are taught entirely in English. Some tracks are offered on both campuses; others on one campus only. [-]


MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics ESSEC - CentraleSupélec

Campus Full time 15  September 2017 France Paris

The Data Sciences & Business Analytics program is built on the premise of learning by doing. That is to say, we don't want you to just theorize about your chosen field of expertise, but to experience it and to delve into the complexities of business life in the real world. [+]

CentraleSupélec is one of the best engineering schools in the world and it has parterned with ESSEC Business Schoolto provide a very innovative and comprehensive program. The program is proposed and coordinated by ESSEC Business School and Centrale-Supélec. You will study at both campuses (both in Paris) and reap the benefits of both schools. Structure The year is divided into trimesters: Trimester 1 is dedicated to the compulsory foundation courses Trimester 2 focuses on specialised courses in either business analytics or data sciences Trimester 3 offers excellence courses on trending topics in the field Compulsory foundation courses From October to December, you will attend six core courses: Courses offered at the ESSEC Business School Campus Big data analytics This course will develop your analytical problem-solving skills and present you with the statistical methods needed to analyse and leverage multidimensional data. Forecasting & Predictive Analytics This course develops your judgement and critical sense in order to be able to produce and evaluate operational forecasts, and understand how it all can go wrong. Strategic Business Analytics This course will teach you to design, assess and manage business strategies and how to use quantitative techniques in a strategic consulting approach through real life case studies. Courses offered at the CentraleSupélec Campus Continuous & Discrete Optimization Programming exercsises are covered in this course as well as the basic theory and methods for the solution of optimization problems, and lineair and non-lineair programming. Big Data Algorithms, Techniques & Platforms This course will teach you all about big data management - algorithms , techniques and tools needed to support big data processing. Machine learning This course will give the opportunity to apply the course theory to real-world problems through group lab projects with a particular focus on statistical risk and its minimisation with respect to prediction function. Specialised track courses From January to March, you may choose 6 elective courses from a list of 16 courses offered. 8 of these course specialise in Data Sciences and are offered at the CentraleSupélec Campus. The other 8 electives specialise in Business Analytics and are offered at the ESSEC Business School Campus. Depending on your profile and career plans, you will be able to choose to specialise in either business analytics or data sciences: a program tailored to your specific wants and ambitions. Learning by doing The Data Sciences & Business Analytics program is built on the premise of learning by doing. That is to say, we don't want you to just theorize about your chosen field of expertise, but to experience it and to delve into the complexities of business life in the real world. That is why, all students will go an international field trip, do an intership and write an academic dissertation. Your Internship, with a duration of 4 to 6 months, can take place anywhere in the world and is designed to facilitate students' professional integration. Through the developed network of ESSEC and of CentraleSupélec's partnering firms, institutions and alumni, you are sure to easily find an internship that suits your career ambitions. The Academic Dissertation is an individual research that you carry out on a cutting-edge topic related to data sciences and/or business analytics. It will be a great way for you to combine your built-up expertise with an inquisitve mindset and real-world data. The objective for you is to experience a first complete and original applied theoretical research experience. Finally, the International Field Trip is a one-week trip to meet local professionals and business leaders all over the world. You may travel to Hong-Kong, Silicon Valley, etc. ADMISSIONS Do I have the profile that fits? have you graduated or will soon graduate from a top university/school with a strong degree (Bachelor/M1) in engineering, mathematics, statistics, business, economics, etc.? do you have little or no graduate work experience? do you have a good level of English and are wanting to study entirely in English in France? are you looking to combine technical and managerial skills to become an expert and a leader? are you a problem solver? intrigued by big data? [-]

MSc in Hospitality Management IMHI

Campus Full time September 2017 France Paris

With 34 years of experience in hospitality management, ESSEC offers a leading MSc in Hospitality Management IMHI program that is completed in two years. Originally named Institut de Management Hôtelier International (IMHI), the program was initially created in 1981 as a joint venture between Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and Essec Business School, a partnership which lasted for 25 years. [+]

Become a leader in the Hospitality industry With 34 years of experience in hospitality management, ESSEC offers a leading MSc in Hospitality Management IMHI program that is completed in two years. Originally named Institut de Management Hôtelier International (IMHI), the program was initially created in 1981 as a joint venture between Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and Essec Business School, a partnership which lasted for 25 years. The IMHI is recognized worldwide as Europe’s leading hospitality management program and prepares future managers for high-level operational responsibilities in all tourism and hospitality sectors. Demanding and thorough, this intensive and specialized MSc experience will add a whole new dimension to your career. What makes the program unique? ESSEC’s World Class International FacultyYou will have the privilege of being taught by ESSEC’s world renowned faculty which is comprised of more than 135 individuals, representing 35 nationalities and the world’s most prestigious institutions. You will also have the opportunity to regularly participate in classes and seminars led by experts internationally recognized in different fields of hospitality for their research interests and teaching specializations as well as senior executives from partner companies. Four Specializations With your career objectives in mind, you can choose between four specializations: luxury services management e-commerce real estate and development entrepreneurship Networking Opportunities You will meet and talk with senior executives and industry leaders from international hospitality companies. Throughout the year, the ESSEC Center of Excellence in Smart Life organizes events such as the Annual IMHI Forum, Industry Leader Conferences and debates/discussions in which senior executives and industry leaders participate in. The Consultancy Project You will be presented with a real­-world challenging business situation where with a group of classmates, you will use knowledge acquired during the program to solve. The project is carried­out full­-time for two months and supervised by a faculty member and a company executive. Do I have the profile that fits? The MSc in Hospitality Managment IMHI is designed for high-­potential young professionals looking to make a career leap in the hospitality industry. Are you a future leader of the hospitality industry? Are you a young graduate working in the hospitality industry with a bachelor degree or French BTS Hôtelier? Are you motivated to challenge yourself and to fast-­track your career in the hospitality industry? Do you have a competitive GMAT score and advanced level of English? [-]


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