ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering


ESIGELEC provides training for engineering students, in telecommunications, electronics, information technologies, information networks, embedded systems, automation and robotics, electrical engineering for transport, mechatronics, energy and sustainable development, biomedical engineering, business engineering and financial engineering.

Our programmes are based on students projects, practical work in labs, project management courses, foreign languages and internships, and proposes an international environment with strong links with industry, offering students the possibility to develop their personal/professional skills and to be ready to work!

Students can be admitted after high school (5-year engineering programme taught in French) or after preparatory classes/ the first-degree programme in 2 years at university (3-year engineering programme taught in French) or after a bachelor’s degree (2-year engineering programme taught in French, or Masters/MSc programmes taught in English.

Different reasons to choose ESIGELEC:

  • A school created more than 110 years ago (in 1901), having a long experience in higher education,
  • Accreditation by the French Board of Engineering Degrees (CTI) for its Engineering Degree.
  • Accreditation by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research for its Master's Degrees.
  • Accreditation by the French Conference of Top Management and Engineering Schools (CGE) for its MSc. Diplomas.
  • School supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rouen (CCIR) and managed as a non-profit association by an Administration Council, including representatives of: the Alumni Association (SIGELEC), local public bodies (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rouen, Regional Council, Greater Rouen – CREA), companies (Aircelle, EDF, France Telecom, Synchronic, Thales Air Systems, Valéo and UIMM), and higher education (University of Rouen, Institute “Mines Telecom”).
  • The school ranked among the best schools of engineering in France, having a 5-year engineering programme: - Ranking 2014 of “L’ETUDIANT” and “L’EXPRESS”:

* 4th for Industry Networks * 4th for International Outlook * 2nd for Employment in IT Ranking 2013 of « SMBG»: 1st in Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Optics School provided Master/MSc. programmes fully taught in English: Master in Sciences and Technology -Electronic Embedded Systems- and Master in Sciences and Technology -Information Systems- (in partnership with INSA ROUEN in France), and 2 MSc. programmes in “Control and Embedded Instrumentation” and in “Automotive Embedded Systems” (in partnership with Manipal University in India). Possibility to follow a doctoral programme at the Research Institute in Electronic and Embedded Systems (IRSEEM) A very strong international environment: more than 35% of international students in the programmes of the school; 85 partner universities in 40 different countries; a compulsory period outside France of 3 months minimum for local students of the engineering program taught in french, with many choices: internships in companies, summer school, full semester or year in a partner university abroad, double degree programmes,... 19 double degree programmes for the students of the engineering programme: 3 Manager-Engineer double-degree programmes (in partnership with NEOMA BS, AUDENCIA, TELECOM MANAGEMENT SCHOOL), 3 Researcher-Engineer double-degree programmes (in partnership with the University of Rouen), 13 double-degree programmes abroad (USA, IRLAND, GERMANY, CANADA, UK, FINLAND, CHINA). Many students clubs A significant network of alumni in France and abroad (more than 9000 since the school was created in 1901). Modern, large and well-equipped buildings in a wooded area, with an easy access to the historical, dynamic and vibrant city centre of Rouen and located just at 1 hour and a half from the city centre of Paris.

Key figures

  • More than 9000 graduates since its creation in 1901
  • More than 1650 students
  • More than 35% of international students in the programmes of ESIGELEC
  • 407 academic and administrative people, including 335 teaching staff (62 permanent teachers, 45 visiting professors from partner universities abroad, 83 experts from industry, 145 professors from universities or independent/language teachers), and 72 administrative people
  • 5 departments: Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication, Electrical Engineering and Energy, Embedded Systems and Instrumentation, Humanities Languages and Management
  • A research institute for embedded electronic systems (IRSEEM)
  • 85 university partnerships in 40 different countries
  • A network of 3000 corporate partners
  • Around 51% of graduates found a job before finishing their studies and 95% of all students found a job in less than 6 months (in 2012). 53% of them found jobs in the areas of Paris and 10% abroad
  • A campus of 12, 000 square meters, which has received the prize “Auguste Perret” for its nice architecture. An extra surface of 5,000 square meters dedicated to Research, Innovation and Transfer of Technologies (The Campus for Integration of Embedded Systems – CISE) was opened in 2012.




Technopôle du Madrillet
Avenue Galilée - BP 10024
76801 Saint-Etienne du Rouvray

Rouen, Normandy, France

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