ESIEA Graduate Engineering School


ESIEA, a graduate engineering school, and research center, with campuses in Paris and Laval (France), specializing in Digital Sciences and Technologies. Come and join the new faces of the digital world at ESIEA: the men and women who, tomorrow, will be able to understand complex systems, design and build new ones and think of new uses and how to market them...
Founded in 1958, with campuses in Paris and Laval (France), ESIEA trains IT engineers specializing in Information Systems and Embedded Systems, to meet the growing need for advanced expertise in the digital economy. From medicine to transport, not forgetting the media, finance, energy, leisure, and education… the digital world is everywhere. ESIEA invites you to explore the many opportunities it offers, to plan your future career and make it come true. Access any sector of IT! - Join an engineering school where students are seen as individuals, where personal relationships and entrepreneurship matter; where you can give your ambitions, your talent and your potential a free rein while developing into an adaptable, multi-skilled and creative professional. - Apply your knowledge from year 1, by taking part in scientific and team-building projects. - Help reinvent society through your involvement in our laboratories’ research projects. - Come and join a community of team-spirited Inquisitive enthusiasts” who love to “learn by doing” and who share your dream of leading innovation where it matters most. IT security, virtual reality, embedded systems, health, information systems, virtualization and cloud computing, banking information systems, big data, connected objects, mobile applications, and many others.

Key expertise areas: IT applied to security, health and virtual reality

ESIEA’s expertise in the field of IT security has gained recognition thanks to its “Operational Cryptology and Virology” (CVO) research lab and its specialist courses: Specialized Master’s (Mastère) “Information and Systems Security” (in English and French). The “Digital Interactions - Health and Handicap” lab carries out ground-breaking research in the fields of disability rehabilitation and autonomy recovery assistance through the interactions of a range of technological competence areas: virtual and augmented reality, robotics, communicating objects, embedded systems, etc. How does research benefit students? It encourages innovative and up-to-date teaching and learning. Students can work with researchers on scientific and technological projects or under the “Promoting Research and Innovation” program from year 1 at the school. When applied to practical problem solving, research participation can represent a real added-value for future employers in a resume. ESIEA is affiliated with two doctoral schools and its university partnerships allow ESIEA graduates to study for PhDs in France or abroad.

A school at the heart of the digital ecosystem

ESIEA is an active player in economic development networks and partners with leading businesses in the IT field (CGI, Atos, Sopra Steria, Capgemini…) - Member of the French Tech and the Cap Digital and Images & Réseaux competitivity circles. - A partner in various entrepreneurship development initiatives: Laval Mayenne Technopole, Ivry Urban Campus and Numa, the focal point for Paris start-ups. - Founding member of Laval Virtual and Silver Valley, an innovative business development network in the Paris area. Studying at ESIEA starting two years after high school YEAR 3: Putting “Practice” First - Digital Science and Technology courses to master the fundamentals. Emphasis on practical and lab work, with few formal lectures. - Implementation of 4 projects to carry out (scientific, technical and personal development) and development of a career plan. International project. - From Year 1, students can opt for a research-based or entrepreneurship-based approach thanks to our special Research and Innovation or Entrepreneurship Start-up initiatives. YEAR 4: Specializing In A Field - First major specialization choice: Information Systems or Embedded Systems. - Implementation of a Team-based, innovative science and technology project, supervised by a company or research lab - 4 to 5 month industry internship YEAR 5 : Career Prospects - Future engineers choose one major and two minors (one technical and one managerial) to increase their expertise in the field in which they intend to start out. - Entrepreneurship project. - Engineering internship, double degrees in France and in foreign partner institutions. - Alumni “buddy” system for all new graduates. Specializations: 4 full post-graduate specialization pathways (1st and 2nd year Master’s level):
IT and Health, IT Security, Entrepreneurship, Research, and Innovation.

Alumni & professionals work hand in hand with the school at every stage of the student experience

The alumni take an active part in the life of the school by coaching individual students, sponsoring internships, selecting applicants, supervising projects, or teaching… More and more professionals are joining the teaching staff and have many different opportunities to meet students: Industry forum, Job dating, 1st and 2nd year engineering projects suggested by client companies.



ESIEA Paris-Ivry - Graduate Engineering School

Paris/Ivry Campus 74 bis, avenue Maurice Thorez Ivry-sur-Seine
Paris, Île-de-France, France
+33 1 43 90 21 21


ESIEA Laval - Graduate Engineering School

38 rue des Docteurs Calmette et Guérin 53000 Laval
53000 Laval, Pays de la Loire, France
+33 2 43 59 24 24