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The Polytech Orléans engineering faculty

Master France Orléans September 2018

The Polytech Orléans engineering faculty Polytech Orléans is part of the national Polytech network of university engineering schools. Being a member of this exclusive group means that Polytech'Orléans offers a superior program with a wide range of majors in cutting-edge fields of engineering, only one hour south of Paris, on a wooded campus. Strong industrial competitiveness and local synergies between industry, research and training have led to the creation of a competitiveness hu… [+] b in "Electrical Energy Science and Systems" and another one about sensors. Cosmetic Valley is very close to Orléans with famous companies in these fields. Assets The multidisciplinary program proposed by Polytech'Orleans provides its graduates with the varied skills and expertise necessary to become tomorrow's innovative leaders. Our curricula have the EURACE label. ... with high-tech facilities and state-of-the-art equipment ... Two sites (Galilee and Vinci) with more than 150 000 sq. ft. of recent construction Computer resources including 22 labs, internet, and laser printers, with a wide choice of software (CAD, numerical computation, simulation, etc.) Amphitheatres, audiovisual studios, and language labs Equipment for basic and technological research available to students for particular courses and projects : spectrum analyzer subsonic wind tunnels automotive test benches fiberoptic systems laser labs scanning electron microscopic a plasma reactor odometers An Ethical and Cooperative School Committed towards Sustainable Development In the framework of the Green Project of the University of Orléans, the school firmly commits itself to respect Sustainable Development and Societal Responsibility. There are different strategic axes to this approach for which governance, an action plan, and some indicators have been set. The five main axes identified are: Sustainable consumption and production: production inventory and follow-up – ranging from safe to dangerous waste collection and process – is going to be implemented through, for example, setting up a policy for the management of printing flows. Education and Training: the schools train tomorrow’s decision-makers and are then responsible for raising their awareness in sustainable development since their behavior and decisions will influence Humanity’s Future. Climate Changes and Energy: the displayed objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emission. A carbon footprint of the building and its activities will be conducted with a strong participation of its engineering students and staff Sustainable transportation and mobility: Polytech welcomes a great number of engineering students and staff members on the Campus and their trips must be taken into account to intend limiting environmental impact. Governance: a sustainable development approach cannot be carried out isolated. It requires the support and involvement of all the stakeholders (engineering students, staff, local authorities...). It involves a strong impulse from management and clear participative governance. Concerned by the Application of an Improvement Process Making quality management fall within Polytech Orléans’ daily approach is an aim which commits the school to a permanent continuous improvement process. The school is involved in a project aiming at generalizing the improvement process at all functioning levels and intends to be granted the ISO 9001 authentication before the end of 2014. The works – begun in the framework of the improvement process applied to the greeting of the public – may also allow the school to be granted the Label Marianne. Finally, implementing an improvement process also aims at placing the school in a sustainable environment (see above paragraph) which is strongly supported by Orléans’ conurbation and the network of Polytech schools. Pledged for gender equality On the occasion of the signature of the Gender Equality Charter in French Higher Education, Polytech Orléans appointed a gender equality referee and firmly committed to respecting gender equality. Effective actions – related to both engineering students and staff – have been implemented and vigilance of the respect of these equality values is constant. Partner of the Civilian Service Institute Associated to the action of the Institute for Civilian Service, Polytech Orléans accompanies the young who have proven they have potential and motivation, offering them to develop the skills necessary to the fulfillment of their future plan. Taking part in an action which carries commitment values, the school helps young people with a strong potential as well as it improves its teams (engineering students, teachers, researchers, administrative and technical staff) without giving up its level of excellence. Attentive to its Engineering Students and Staff Members The engineering students and staff members spend a lot of their time in the school. Consequently, human relationships hold a leading position in Polytech Orléans. Anticipating professional relationships experienced in companies, the school always tries to maintain a work atmosphere as unfazed as possible. This allows developing new projects and answering international stakes linked to engineering training. In concrete terms, informal meetings called Cause café are often held with the Head of School and staff members (once a month) and with students (once a trimester). Since it has been created, the school has appointed a mediator in charge of making communication easier, re-establishing relationships, transmitting complaints between users and management. This mediator is also the school referent for gender equality (see above paragraph). Active Participant in the Program « Cordées de la réussite » The school takes part in the “Cordées de la réussite” organized by the regional education authority of Orléans-Tours. This program aims at: Suppressing psychological and cultural obstacles which can restrain students from a modest background and lead them to self-censorship when they have all the skills required to enter sectors of excellence, Encouraging them to undertake long-term training courses, whether these are intensive foundation degrees, university education or prestige university-level colleges. Teachers and engineering students from the school work with different schools in the regional area. Speeches and visits take place in secondary-schools and respectively Polytech welcomes secondary-school pupils for introduction days and visits. Committed to Professional Ethic Development Each year the school hires several teams of engineering pupils in the regional competition for the Promotion of Professional Ethics. This competition is organized jointly with the French districts of the Rotary and the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (Conference of prestige university-level colleges). It encourages participants to think about values to implement in order to build tomorrow’s society. The school supports this event since it develops students’ ethical thinking as their entry in professional life approaches. Key figures Polytech Orléans that's: 1 Polytech integrated course. 5 engineering specialties. 1 000 engineering students. 240 graduates in engineering each year. 5 800 graduates in engineering. 70 doctoral students. 100 lecturers and researchers. 50 administrative and technical staff members. 7 associated research laboratories. More than 40 sports and cultural associations. Buildings covering 15,253 m² within a wooded campus. [-]

University of TOURS

Master France Tours September 2018

The University of Tours is a decisively European university that has established a campaign of actions within the Europe 2020 strategy, aiming to develop “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”. Through its higher education and research missions, the University of Tours plays a key role in research, development, and in raising the scientific, cultural and professional capacities of as many individuals as possible. Open to the world, the University of Tours privileges coo… [+] peration and exchanges by actively participating in the establishment of the European Higher Education and Research Area that stems from the Bologna Process. A multidisciplinary and health sector public establishment, the university has high potential and assets that ensure it fulfils European higher education and research standards. As an acknowledged leader in its economic, social and cultural environment, the University of Tours is a cutting-edge, innovative establishment promoting humanistic values which are deeply rooted in a region overflowing with history and cultural heritage. The University of Tours endorses the following two mottos: “One is not born as Man, one becomes Man” - Erasmus “Knowledge without conscience is but the ruin of the soul” - François Rabelais [-]