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The School of Wine & Spirits Business, founded in 2013, is a structure dedicated to education and research in the wine and spirits industries. Our programmes prepare graduates to become capable specialists who trade in wines and spirits, market their products innovatively and play managerial roles in all divisions of these demanding industries.

Located in Dijon, the capital of the world-renowned wine-growing region of Burgundy, the School of Wine & Spirits Business is part of the centennial Burgundy School of Business (Groupe ESC Dijon – Bourgogne), itself a member of the elite group of French tertiary business institutes collectively known as Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. The School has incorporated three existing wine-industry programmes, the oldest of which was founded in 1988. As these programmes attract candidates from all over the world, the student body is culturally diverse, making for stimulating group assignments and class discussions. Within Burgundy School of Business' substantial teaching body, ten permanent faculty members dedicate themselves specifically to our programmes and are committed to excellence in teaching and generating intellectual output. Visiting lecturers from both the professional and academic fields reflect the international nature of the School in the variety of their countries of origin.

Director's Welcome

Burgundy School of Business (Groupe ESC Dijon – Bourgogne) has launched an exciting project of specialisation, internationalisation and academic and research excellence by founding a unique new institution: the School of Wine & Spirits Business .

After creating the Mastère Spécialisé en Commerce International des Vins et Spiritueux (CIVS) in 1988, we founded the MSc in Wine Business in 2009 and opened the 2012 – 2013 academic year with another new programme dedicated to the wine industry: the MSc in Wine Management.

Burgundy School of Business’ long-standing and renowned expertise in wine management has its roots in the region of Burgundy, famous for its excellent wines.

In September 2013 we consolidated these successful ventures within a new structure with its own research centre. The main goal of the research centre is the publication of articles in peer-reviewed journals specialising in the wine and spirits industries as well as other prestigious publications aimed at a scientific community interested in wine marketing - a research field that has come to dominate the field.

My colleagues and I have been delighted with the success these wine-industry programmes have had with an English-speaking public, whether English is that public's first or second language. Our aim is to attract the best students from the four corners of the globe, students who want to become specialists in a demanding and fascinating field.

Continuous growth and improvement are part of our pledge to the students and graduates who have entrusted - and will entrust - us with their future.

Dr Jérôme Gallo

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Master's In International Trade In Wine And Spirits

Campus Full time September 2017 France Dijon

We are looking for candidates or candidates with a passion for wine and ready to fully invest in its promotion and marketing in France and abroad. If you recognize yourself in its ambitions, join us. [+]

Choosing the Specialized Master in International Trade in Wine and Spirits Group ESC Dijon, This is part of a network of over 500 professionals in 25 years built around the same passion, It's become immersed in the professional world by meeting the best experts in the framework of courses and seminars but also going to meet the best examples of success and professionalism during the 5 weeks of study tours (free of charge ). This is at the heart of the action and the concerns of the sector to facilitate access to the workplace (as of June of training the majority of students includes a VIE, a CDD or CDI) It is the skills necessary to work internationally through knowledge products, industry players and market approach methodologies, It is developing a dual competence Product- market with a solid education in oenology, viticulture, sensory analysis, viticulture geography, product knowledge and sales management skills and marketing know-how guaranteed by a Grande Ecole de Commerce, This is the opportunity to attend training full time or part time, It is also an opportunity to share his experience with a diverse group given the backgrounds of the participants (1/3 of foreign students, professionals 1/3, 1/3 technical training, business training 1/3; 1/3 humanistic education: languages, law ...) It is an experience in the heart of Burgundy with an opening on all the vineyards of France and the World. Finally it is to choose a course recognized by enterprises (over 200 jobs and internships sent to alumni network each year) and proven over 20 years. We are looking for candidates or candidates with a passion for wine and ready to fully invest in its promotion and marketing in France and abroad. If you recognize yourself in its ambitions, join us. Educational approach of the Specialized Master in International Business of Wines and Spirits Two skills with managerial and product viticulture training, oenology, sensory analysis and tasting training in marketing, international business, network management, vineyard management and economics Understanding, knowledge of industry in France and in the various producing and consuming countries, knowledge of operators and markets an update of knowledge through wide participation of professional speakers in constant contact with the markets Operational training that puts the student in contact with the reality of the sector through regular exchanges with the companies: during study trips when working to achieve during the school year when put into practice: courses, assignments ... A serious training that is based on the requirements of a Grande Ecole developing knowledge (450 hours of training + 5 weeks of study tours) expertise: mobilizing knowledge enables rapid integration of students in various positions expertise be tailored to sector companies expert and qualified teaching staff in the field of wine and spirits with a team of permanent teachers and professors experts Training that builds on the expertise of the Wine Management Institute a diversified training offer (over 200 people trained in different courses) research teams in the field of consumer behavior, innovation, entrepreneurship and cluster an incubator for projects to accompany participants A pedagogy that is based on a skills approach Building up the approach developed by Skills for Business® ESC Dijon group can build a career plan based on existing skills and competency framework validated by professionals coaching in skills acquisition is conducted throughout the training A recruitment that promotes formation of a group "multicultural" to a true "cross-fertilization" between students The diversity of backgrounds is an essential part of the training, students share their experiences, their knowledge, their network, their ways. Group life during the seven months training in Dijon, group work on projects, study tours help to forge strong bonds. An entrepreneurial orientation Entrepreneurship is the heart of the educational process with many projects promoting creation initiatives the ability to integrate during or after training the incubator: the Incub 'wine An important contact with the profession 5 weeks of study tours for full time and 5-week seminar for part time experiential seminar in Cahors (for a week students live among wineries and participate in the discussion of the future of the appellation) broad participation of professional training in courses, conferences ... The strengths of the training A citation which ensures the support of a network of graduates engaged in the sector both in France and abroad A recognition of training by professionals and media A quick dip in the sector Dual expertise to deal with the intelligence of the wine market Training that follows the changing needs of business through a watch and an original approach An opportunity to follow training in full time or part time A part time training in Paris located for accessibility and rapid integration The resources and expertise of a Great Business School and a dedicated Institute: Institute of Wine Management Sectoral approach Knowledge of vineyards Difficult to know all the wines, all the names, all producers, but to locate the products they have to sell the part that we want to export form must know the main vineyards. This knowledge is possible thanks to the interventions of interprofessional, presentations of market experts, wine tours, the students' personal work (WSET, reading the trade press, exchanges between students from different regions and countries ...) The world's leading vineyards: the forces involved French vineyards The Italian vineyard The Spanish winery Other European vineyards The vineyards CEEC US wineries Australian vineyards Chilean vineyards Argentine wineries The vineyards of South Africa The vineyards of New Zealand But also knowledge: spirits fortified wines. Knowledge of the industry INAO and appellations of origin Market organization and stakeholders Large groups of wines and spirits in France and in the world The main brands and products The strategies of directors Market Approach to international markets Market knowledge International exchanges Socio-demographic, economic and cultural characteristics of the main markets The different distribution channels abroad The different modes of implementation: subsidiary, agency, importer ... Aids and export support: agencies, administrations ... [-]


MSc in Wine Business

Campus Full time September 2017 France Dijon

This English-taught programme was designed for graduates who have a passion for wine and some experience in the wine industry. It is ideal for those looking to create their own business or become industry-specific marketing specialists but it also offers a wider range of professional outcomes. [+]

Objectives This English-taught programme was designed for graduates who have a passion for wine and some experience in the wine industry. It is ideal for those looking to create their own business or become industry-specific marketing specialists but it also offers a wider range of professional outcomes. The programme's main focus is demand creation, with particular attention paid to technology, the use of the media and social networks. Driven directly by feedback from the wine sector, this MSc has a strong commercial focus, with emphasis on the development of the digital marketing and financial skills required by entrepreneurial professionals. Wine entrepreneurs need to succeed within an international context. Our programme, which lasts three semesters, offers students a sound grasp of the requirements of the global market by exposing them to a diversity of cultural experiences and an understanding of the intricacies of world commerce. We draw upon the expertise of an international network of speakers, professionals and academics who will help you develop added value to your offer. Every year students attend the Digital Wine Communications Conference and ProWein, as well as other trade fairs, as part of the programme. The programme's profile is emphatically international with current and former students from the USA, the UK, South Africa and Brasil, to name but a few countries. The MSc in Wine Business at Burgundy School of Business has a global reputation for enabling graduates to succeed in this increasingly competitive industry. The places available are limited to a maximum of 25 students. Career opportunities The MSc in Wine Business Programme will deliver dramatic new career opportunities for those seeking managerial positions in the wine sector. Our programme is uncompromising in its commercial orientation, with emphasis on marketing, digital communications, distribution and financial skills. Principal positions of interest: Marketing manager: small, medium or large winery Distribution manager: winery, wholesale or retail Regional or group collective representative Wine or regional tourism manager Community manager for a wine business Wine writer [-]

MSc Wine Management

Campus Full time September 2017 France Dijon

This one-year programme is aimed at students who wish to start a career in wine management but have little or no prior experience in the wine industry. [+]

Objectives This one-year programme is aimed at students who wish to start a career in wine management but have little or no prior experience in the wine industry. The MSc combines industry-related teaching modules in administration, finance, sales, logistics and legal issues with oenology, wine tasting and wine tourism to provide students with the knowledge required for selling a product as unique as wine. As a graduate of this programme, you will have gained a global understanding of this unique industry, enabling you to apply with confidence for managerial positions in all its sectors. Drawing from an impressive international network of speakers, professionals and academics with in-depth knowledge of the wine sector, the course has a combined theoretical and practical approach. From financing a wine business to advising consumers on choosing a wine, students are given the full range of tools necessary to sell a product that demands far more versatility than most others. Our students benefit from the School's proximity and access to some of the greatest wine estates in the world. Career opportunities Graduates will be able to apply for managerial positions in all sectors of the wine industry. Some of the managerial positions for which the course will prepare you are: Brand manager Import - export manager Sales executive Distributor Commercial agent Communications manager Public relations manager [-]


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