Åbo Akademi University


ÅBO AKADEMI UNIVERSITY Breaking boundaries

  • Swedish-language university in Finland
  • Inspiring – International – Individual


  • Diversity
  • Openness
  • Courage
  • Participation
  • Sustainability


The task of Åbo Akademi University is to provide an open university environment for quality research and studies with a Nordic and international anchorage. Åbo Akademi University is particularly tasked with educating Swedish- speaking experts to satisfy the future needs in Finland.


By breaking boundaries Åbo Akademi University, is widely noted for a scholarship at the highest scientific level within its profile areas, and for a Swedish-speaking environment for internationally competitive research and education.

ÅAU in a nutshell

  • Founded in 1918
  • Campuses in Åbo, Vasa and Jakobstad.
  • Activities also in the Åland Islands
  • 5,500 undergraduate students
  • 780 postgraduate students
  • A total of 1,200 employees, 650 working in education and research
  • Overall annual budget ca 101 million euros
  • 38 million external funding
  • 1,400 scientific publications annually


  • Top quality education and research
  • An acknowledged position at the forefront of research in biotechnology, computer science, chemical combustion, human rights, material sciences, process chemistry and psychology
  • Friendly and welcoming environment in the oldest university town in Finland
  • Close to the unique, beautiful archipelago with over 20,000 islands

Student life

  • Active student union
  • Student apartments and rooms at a reasonable price
  • Versatile student culture
  • > 60 student associations
  • ESN for international students
  • Excursions, parties, language exchange, traditional student festivities

An international university

  • 1000 international students
  • About 380 of them are exchange students
  • International students from 80 countries
  • About 200 ÅAU-students abroad in different exchange programmes
  • 6 international masters programmes taught in English.



Visiting Address: Åbo Akademi Domkyrkotorget 3 Postal address: Åbo Akademi Education Services Tavastgatan 13
20500 Turku, Finland


Visiting address: Åbo Akademi i Vasa Åbo Akademi Strandgatan 2
65101 Vaasa, Finland