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OpenUIDE was created with the objective of being the University of reference in the Andean Area. Backed and endorsed by the International University of Ecuador, a Young, Innovative, Positive, Proactive and Visionary university.

UIDE in less than two decades has built one of the most beautiful campuses in Latin America, has established offices in different cities of Ecuador, and has consolidated important international links with world-renowned educational institutions.

Now it is proposed to offer, through new technologies, a high quality distance training offer in collaboration with one of the most prestigious online business schools in Europe, IMF Academic Institution.

UIDE, in collaboration with IMF Academic Institution decide to bet on virtual training and in 2018 they establish the basis for the creation of OpenUIDE for the formation of Higher Education and as a reference institution in virtual masters in the Andean Area.

The union of both institutions represents a milestone in the education sector, combining the theoretical and regulated training of a university with the vision and practical experience of a business school of international reference. This union offers students access to quality, virtual and international training.

IMF Academic Institution is an international business school, which since its creation in 2001 has opted for quality training with programs that have the academic backing of universities adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

The school has an extensive catalog of official and professional masters and more than 900 courses taught by a faculty of doctors and professionals with extensive experience in each of its sectors.

Currently, IMF Academic Institution has offices located in Latin America and Europe and agreements with universities on five continents.together now John Schnobrich / Unsplash



OpenUIDE's vision is to be an international reference in the online training of professionals in technical areas in the Andean Area, for a successful life.


To be one of the best universities in Latin America by 2035 and contribute to the integration of the American Continent.


OpenUIDE presents a flexible methodology based on modular training itineraries. Designed to be able to get the skills gradually and complete the training in the same academic year.

We came up with the idea of offering an education accessible to anyone, in any situation.

Online methodology Live virtual classes Virtual campus virtual library
Access the agenda from our virtual campus. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer a methodology close to the student thanks to the fundamental points of our methodology. So you can see them with just one internet access. Listen, ask and debate with the teacher through the interactive platform. If you missed a class or would like to see it again, you can access them from the OpenUIDE campus itself. Access whenever you want to all training content, with the ability to view us through the 2.0 tool itself or download them in PDF. Collaborate and interact with your classmates and teachers through discussion and discussion groups, in forums and chats. Take advantage of readings, case studies and case studies with the possibility of self-assessing tests. Enjoy more online educational content, more than 9,000 references from more than 120 specialized publishers related to the world of business. The virtual format allows you to underline, add notes or modify the way the text is displayed with the mission of promoting learning.
Unlimited tutoring Masterclass and Networking Case study
It has the support of a personal tutor and the access of professional teachers of the sector with whom to perform e-face tutorials and contact through chats, forums, telephone or email. An essential part in the world of training is contact networks. In IMF we facilitate you to weave your own network with colleagues and professionals of the sector through invitations to webinars, round tables, and all kinds of current events. Each module is projected on a case study, a real and current company, Amadeus, from which they will study their data and circumstances. Working from the perspective of each of the subjects as the student is studying, allows him to develop a global vision of the world of the company.


From our origin we are committed to a philosophy: everyone has the right to a maximum quality training at an adjusted price. We facilitate this possibility, both for private students and companies, offering programs at affordable prices backed by the main quality accreditations. For this reason, OpenUIDE has worked on the development of a broad catalog that adjusts to the needs of the market and the client, offering the management of grants and grants for learning.Laptop and notepad Nick Morrison / Unsplash



OpenUIDE's vision is to be an international reference in the online training of professionals in technical areas in the Andean Area, for a successful life.


To be one of the best universities in Latin America by 2035 and contribute to the integration of the American Continent.


  1. Fight for peace, freedom and democracy
  2. Promote the development of reliable institutions in Ecuador and Latin America
  3. Contribute to create a vision of the future of the Country and the person
  4. Train entrepreneurs. Boost creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
  5. Respect the rights of others and the Law
  6. Fight for legal certainty in Ecuador and Latin America
  7. Promote ethics and the fight against corruption
  8. Develop a sense of solidarity
  9. Recognize the merits of others
  10. Promote productive work

Good practices

From OpenUIDE we promote the integral formation of the student through good training practices.

  1. Learn to learn: acquire reading, study and research habits
  2. Live with values
  3. Be proactive, positive
  4. Master the Spanish language and be proficient in the English language or in a second language and in computer science
  5. Be responsible for your training: commitment to study, punctuality, responsibility and ethics



Calle Javier Arauz 111 y Germán Alemán
170135 Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

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