European Film College EFC


The European Film College is a place of opportunity. Opportunity to explore and develop your ideas, your talent and yourself. Opportunity to take chances and make mistakes and to do it in a safe, encouraging and inspiring environment. Opportunity to work and live in a place where your fellow students, your teachers, the films you see and the professional filmmakers you meet will come from all corners of the world.

The EFC’s 8½ months film foundation program will take you on an intense and passionate journey of development which will enable you to find your own creative vision and voice in life.

The EFC is unique in its approach to teaching film-making. Anyone with an interest in learning about and making film orTV is welcome.

Because it’s a residential school, you will live and breathe film 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even when you’re not in class or part of a film crew you will be screening movies, talking movies, analyzing and arguing about them.

You’ll also learn to work in a team – an essential skill if you have any intention of working in the film industry, but also if you end up doing almost anything else.

The 8½ months (34 weeks) are extremely concentrated, and you will get through what most other films schools do in several years. You will be able to take a course in almost any aspect of film theory or film making, so you can explore all your possibilities and abilities before you make a choice that might be for life.

Already by the second week you will be shooting a series of 2-minute films (shooting games), and during the 34 weeks you will participate in making at least 5 fiction films, documentaries or TV programmes of varied length. You will get elaborate evaluations of every film or project completed, all to ensure your growth and development.


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