Cyprus University of Technology


University Profile

International Profile

An important parameter of the international recognition that the University enjoys is the universities’ international rankings. In less than 10 years of operation, the CUT has occupied high positions in international rankings. Specifically, in the 2017-18Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE), the CUT is ranked 351-400 worldwide, while in the year 2016-17 it has been ranked among the top 401-500 universities worldwide as well as 16th among the world’s top Universities. At the 2017 Young University Rankings, the CUT is ranked 88th in the top new universities in the world, 12th top-of-the-line university and 201-250 among the top European universities.

The international networking of the university is realized through its participation in 67 international organizations and bilateral cooperation with 78 universities abroad which lead to beneficial inter-university synergies. In addition, the internationalization strategy is enhanced through its participation in the Erasmus mobility programme and the national management of the IAESTE programme.

Excellence in Research

CUT is constantly committed to promoting research excellence and is internationally distinguished in this area, providing a total of 40 million Euros of external funding for 227 research programmes. The latest European HORIZON 2020 programme has secured funding over 9 million Euros, with 23 research proposals, marking the highest rate of success in Cyprus. Recent successes include two ERC strategic projects totalling 3.3 million Euros, two “Teaming for Excellence” research proposals led by the CUT, which ensured the highest pan-European rating and participation in the creation of a RISE Excellence Center for technological and business innovation.

In addition to European research funding, strategic research synergies such as the establishment of the Cancer Research Center, in cooperation with the German Oncology Center, are being promoted. The three already existing approved research units, Eratosthenes, Heraclitus, and the Department of Social Informatics are also operating with great success.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To become a modern and innovative university with international recognition which promotes excellence in education and research in cutting-edge fields, aiming at the scientific, technological, economic, social and cultural upgrading of our country.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality education and high-level training and to promote lifelong learning with modern pedagogical methods, to produce and disseminate scientific knowledge through research and teaching, and through contribution towards addressing challenges in the fields of Science and Technology, to become a catalyst for the state and society. In particular, the mission focuses on creating added value through actions on the following three axes:

  • Education
  • Research, Innovation and Transfer of Know-how
  • Social contribution


To establish the University as an international centre of university education by offering quality and competitive programmes that reflect technological and industrial developments as well as the market needs. Addressing high-level students, it offers modern teaching associated with applied research, aiming to create employable and well-educated graduates. As a higher education institution, it also seeks to promote lifelong learning for the benefit of society.

Research, Innovation and Transfer of Know-how

The University is pioneering in the production of applied research and achieving excellence in the international research area. In order to meet the challenges of society and industry, the results of the research produced at the University are transferred as the know-how to society, industry and productive organizations to create innovative solutions with significant economic, social and environmental benefits. In the context of research, innovation and entrepreneurship activities, new jobs and opportunities are created for young scientists in cutting-edge sectors.

Social contribution

The University, as a living cell of society, plays a catalytic role in the social dialogue, providing substantiated proposals for important socio-economic issues. Through the network of collaborating social actors, the University promotes synergies to promote culture, the environment, health and sport.


The design of all Departments is based on four key objectives:

  • High scientific, technical and professional competence in students’ education.
  • High-quality research that will be able to transcend the traditional boundaries between basic and applied research in order to provide solutions to major social and economic problems and to allow Cyprus to remain an important partner in the modern European division of the resources allocated to research.
  • Interdisciplinary orientation both in curriculum design and in the staffing of the Departments, so that the University can enter the field from the outset and remain at the forefront of scientific, educational and social developments both locally and internationally.
  • Collaboration with local industry and economy to help drive innovation and continuous improvement of products and services.



30 Archbishop Street
3036 Limassol, Limassol, Cyprus