American College


American College

Choosing the right study opportunity abroad is an important decision, which will affect the extent to which you find your life as a student fulfilling and enjoyable, as well as having an impact on your whole future career. Choosing the American College establishes a commitment on our behalf – a commitment to high quality in education. The emphasis remains upon excellence of teaching, academic distinction and relevance to today’s problems.

Compact, Friendly and above all a Human College

The American College is an established and diverse institution offering a wide range of courses. Our dedicated academic and administrative staff work hard to keep the American College a warm, human and friendly college. Part of the uniqueness of our college is the fact that we combine an excellent record of quality provision in our teaching with a constant effort to maintain a personal relationship with each individual student. When you join us as a student we will spend a great deal of time and effort in making you feel welcome and offering any support you might need.

High Quality Education

Our faculty, comprised of established professors from diverse backgrounds who combine academic knowledge with professional experience, is the key to maintaining quality and guaranteeing success. Of equal importance is the fact that our quality programs are accompanied by sound advice, support and guidance. The American College aims at equipping its students with highly-regarded qualifications, skills and experience, which will fulfil their career aspirations and enrich their future lives. The accomplishments of our students reflect our commitment to quality. Our graduates have successfully entered the working world and have excelled within their fields of study.

Dedicated Faculty

The quality of our education is a mirror image of our faculty. The faculty and staff of the American College take a personal interest in each student’s success. Working together, faculty members and students create and nurture a community that fosters mutual trust and respect through formal and informal interaction. Some of the American College professors are nationally recognized names in the business environment as lecturers and consultants. Because they continue to work actively in the marketplace, they bring actual business experience and knowledge to the classrooms. Faculty advisors are available to work personally with students toward the achievement of their educational and career goals.


The flexibilityand diversity of our programs attracts students of all ages from every background and from many different countries. Our programs of study are reviewed regularly so that they meet our students’ needs and the needs of society in general.

Furthermore, the College is able to take a flexible and sympathetic approach to applications and potential candidates are invited to contact the Office of Admissions in advance to discuss any special circumstances related to their application.

Lively International Community

The American College has a lively and tolerant international community. International students from countries of Europe, the Middle East and Asia are warmly welcomed at the college. For many students, embarking on undergraduate or postgraduate study involves moving to Cyprus. As well as coping with academic work, international students will also have to adjust to a different way of life, an environment with a different culture and a different language. We ensure that we will make this transition as smooth as possible.

Our committed staff assist international students in all aspects of application, arrival, accommodation and general welfare. In addition, our staff has special responsibility for the general well-being of international students and for organizing social and cultural events involving students and members of the local community.

This school offers programs in:
  • English