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Founded in 1961, the Faculty of Economics of the University of Rijeka (EFRI) continues to respond to the increasingly competitive and challenging environment in which we live and work. The Faculty is a modern institution which performs undergraduate, graduate and various post-graduate study programs in the field of Economy and Business. Since 2011 EFRI offers an International Business study program taught in English (undergraduate and graduate study) and since 2015/2016 the Entrepreneurship online learning study program for graduate students.

The EFRI’s study programs, lifelong learning programs, the mobility within the international academic community, the extracurricular activities as well as the Faculty’s collaboration with the industry provides professional growth and development for students and their successful employment, as well as competitiveness in a dynamic economic environment. EFRI fosters the development of its employees’ potentials, rational utilization of material resources, continuous quality assurance and enhancement of international competitiveness of its teaching and scientific activities. The mission of EFRI is by educating and developing entrepreneurially oriented and socially responsible regional leaders, managers and researchers, and by cooperating with the local community, to contribute to social development and science. The vision encompasses integration into the European area of higher education and European research area accompanied by overwhelming support for the development of the economy. The Faculty is one of University's most important and active components, with more than 1,800 students. EFRI was among the first to introduce scientifically based contents, courses and research work in Croatia, founded on the theory and practice of Economic Integration of countries and their respective economies. EFRI collaborates with eminent foreign universities, in the field of research and organization of joint conferences, student exchange, summer schools and other. The student’s life at EFRI is colorful and exciting. Student conferences, case study challenges, and workshops are regularly organized by the Career Centre. The Faculty shall be an institution which will continuously evolve and enhance its study programs, research, and its staff capabilities.

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