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Lingnan(University) College

Ever since its foundation, Lingnan(University) College has delivered nearly 18,000 graduates, providing a large pool of talents on either a local or a national scale.

Lingnan(University) College currently has nearly 4,5 00 students. We emphasize the cultivation of comprehensive qualities and especially focus on the training of mathematics, English language and computer skills. We are also devoted to cultivating in students the idea of “Education for Service”.

Lingnan MBA Milestones

Lingnan IMBA is the pioneer and practitioner of implementation of Lingnan internationalism strategy, and also it is the first one in China that sticks to teaching all courses in English. This enables the students to have direct access to international education resources, including overseas faculty, latest business textbooks and cases, overseas exchanging study, overseas internship and international competitions.

On the other hand, under the partnership with MIT Sloan, Lingnan not only develops its nationally ranked IMBA program, but also trains up its own faculty with the update, local and international business management theory and insights, and furthermore, promotes its brand and influence in China.

In 2006, in order to recruit more highly potential and talented candidates who need an MBA program in Chinese, and to maintain an appropriate size of MBA provision, Lingnan launched a general MBA Program, in which some courses are instructed in Chinese and others are in English. Lingnan MBA students enjoy the same resources, such as faculty, exchange, internship and international competition. Graduates of Lingnan MBA will be awarded the Master of Business Administration degree from Sun Yat-sen University.

Also in 2006, Lingnan launched Master of Logistics Engineering (MLE) program as a complement of MBA as a professional degree. Meanwhile, it helps to develop Logistics concentration MBA and inspires to develop Finance MBA, Marketing MBA, etc.

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