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The history of our university

The Belarus State Economic University (BSEU) was founded 77 years ago in 1933. For its activities back in the Soviet period it was awarded with the Order of Red Banner of Labor. This is one of the largest universities in the country. It trains specialists in the field of economics, management and law. The graduates of the university work in all the sectors of the national economy both in the country and abroad.

The university has a developed infrastructure, which provides training and research within eight schools:

  • School of Accounting and Economics;
  • School of Commerce Economics and Management;
  • School of Finance and Banking;
  • School of International Business Communications;
  • School of International Economic Relations;
  • School of Law;
  • School of Management;
  • School of Marketing.

In addition, BSEU incorporates Higher School of Tourism, Higher School of Business and Management, Consulting Center for Commerce, a specialized school of pre-university training, and a specialized school of psychological and teaching updating. The university has a Research Center, an International Relations Division, and a Publishing Center. The university library is one of the best supplied and equipped in the country.

There is branch of the university beyond Minsk in Bobruisk. The university has 54 departments (including 5 that are found in its branch), research laboratories, a student campus, and a retail trade center.

The training of students is done on a multi-level basis. The degrees pursued are those of bachelors, specialists and masters. The graduates can also continue their education in a post-graduate school called aspirantura (full-time or part-time), where they pursue a Ph.D. degree, and in a post-doctorate school called doctorantura to pursue a post-doctorate degree (doctor habile).

The priorities in the organization of teaching are thorough training, a creative approach to mastering knowledge, as well as making conditions for the realization of individual abilities. The focus is made on providing of systemic level of studies, making connections among the subjects taught, establishing interdisciplinary courses, developing independent work skills, implementing active forms of the teaching process, and effective methods of testing.

The university is proud of its technical equipment. It has about 40 computer classrooms, training bookkeeping centers, as well as automated PC-based training offices for specialists in management, finance, banking, and commerce. Lecture halls have slide projectors and other required technical equipment. Classes are fully equipped for language study. Satellite TV, Internet and local computing network are widely used in the teaching process.

Acquiring new techniques of teaching and exchanging experience in teaching combined with doing research on topical issues of economic development are made possible due to fruitful contacts with companies, agencies, and related universities, including those beyond Belarus.

BSEU has a well developed infrastructure of a training and scholarly complex: 11 schools, 54 departments (of which 38 are graduating ones), the Institute of Social-Liberal Education, the Institute of Raising Qualification and Retraining Economic Cadres, the Bobruisk branch, six Centers (those of scholarly research, macroeconomic research, management issues and consulting services, merchandising research and expert examination, IT development and a publishing one), a library, research labs, divisions and services, a student campus, a sports complex and a trade complex.

Being the leading school of higher learning in the field of economics, BSEU is in the process of constant development, searching for new forms and methods of teaching. Currently, the following educational activities are in place at the BSEU:

  • Pre-university training
  • First and second phases of higher education (undergraduate and master’s programs)
  • Doctoral and post-doctoral (Dr. hab.) programs

The total number of students (both full-time and part-time) amounts to 27,000. Among them are international students from 23 countries. The students are trained in 23 majors and 55 specializations. There are over 1,300 faculty members. Almost half of them hold advanced degrees and scholarly titles, including 100 doctors habile (Dr. hab.) and full professors and 610 with a Ph.D. degree.

Training specialists with higher scholarly qualification is done at the graduate school (49 majors of doctoral programs) and post-graduate courses (14 majors), both full-time and part-time. Under the auspices of the BSEU there function 5 councils on defending dissertations, with 154 successful defenses in place over the recent five years. Modern realities affect our activities and make it a necessity to train well educated specialists with initiative and business skills. The faculty’s efforts are aimed at providing students with solid professional training, knowledge of economic theory, computer technologies, calculus, foreign languages, as well as forming highly qualified and well organized personalities.

The key point in teaching is to provide a systemic level of cognition, a wide use of active forms of teaching and learning, discover individual talents of students, and apply effective methods of graduates’ knowledge control and state certification.

The University’s international activities are aimed at developing relations with the leading universities of the CIS countries, France, Germany, Italy, and China. For over 10 years now, we have been closely cooperating with the University Paris-1 Pantheon-Sorbonne in France. At present, the BSEU has bilateral agreements with 64 universities and research institutions from 16 countries.

Creative contacts with the national and overseas universities help enrich the process of teaching with practical information and provide a wide exchange of experience, as well as conduct research on relevant issues of the economic development and identify the most promising trends of training specialists based on the needs of the national economy and domestic labor market.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Russian

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This school also offers:


Master in Event Marketing

Campus Full time Part time December 2017 Belarus Minsk + 1 more

The mission of the Master’s degree program is to prepare highly skilled professionals in the area of Event Marketing. [+]

The mission of the Master’s degree program is to prepare highly skilled professionals in the area of Event Marketing. The aim is in-depth training of marketing specialists in an absolutely new area of Marketing – Brand promotion through event organization in both internal and external marketing environment. The program is based on the concept of event organization as the main integral part of the marketing communications in competitive marketing environment. The event is regarded as a means to achieve a product’s or service’s marketing objectives. Emphasis is on Event Marketing in different areas, cross-cultural peculiarities of event organization,business protocol role, public relations, advertising etc. The program provides students with professional knowledge and analytic skills based on the understanding of strategic and organizational context of all the marketing communications used by the enterprise so as to develop an event fully integrated into the marketing communications. The unique element of the program is the development of deep professional knowledge needed to devise creative event concepts and to apply these concepts to brand promotion. The program is aimed at teaching the principles of success in different types of events, which contributes to the brand promotion and constitutes a universal tool of changes in both internal and external marketing environment of the enterprise. The program provides for a wide range of multicultural authentic material, in particular cases of leading world and domestic brands presented in English. This is the first and the only Master’s program of the post-Soviet period in Belarus and one of... [-]

Master in International Accounting

Campus Full time September 2018 Belarus Minsk

INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING provides for the deepening and widening of professional knowledge workers in the field of accounting; deeper study of issues of accounting, analysis and control of enterprises (organizations) in accordance with modern requirements of economic development; [+]

INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING provides for the deepening and widening of professional knowledge workers in the field of accounting; deeper study of issues of accounting, analysis and control of enterprises (organizations) in accordance with modern requirements of economic development; the acquisition of professional knowledge in the field of accounting, analysis and audit in accordance with the harmonization of national accounting and auditing to international standards. MISSION To train highly qualified professionals in the field of accounting, analysis and audit, owning modern knowledge economy businesses. PURPOSE In-depth training of a new generation of highly skilled experts in the field of accounting, analysis and audit. RESULTS Formation of professional knowledge and management skills for effective action in the field of accounting at the enterprises (organizations) in the context of international standards. FEATURE To focus on the systematic study of innovations in the field of accounting, analysis and audit in accordance with international standards. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES The program allows you to create the modern idea of the existing international practice methods of recognition of the assets and liabilities of the organization, their evaluation for presentation in the financial statements that enables the convergence of existing domestic regulations, regulations, rules with international accounting and auditing standards. MAIN SUBJECTS: (state component) Information technology in the economy Macroeconomics (advanced level) Microeconomics (advanced level) Econometrics (advanced level) DISCIPLINE, FORM THE BASIS OF THE MASTER'S PROGRAM: Financial Accounting Financial Reporting Management Accounting Auditing and Assurance KEY SUBJECTS OF CHOICE Corporate and Business Law/ Administrative law Financial Management Performance Management/ Financial... [-]

Master in International Economics and Trade Policy (IETP)

Campus Full time December 2017 Belarus Minsk

The goal of the program is to train high-skilled managers for international trade and international trade policy. [+]

Program Description The goal of the program is to train high-skilled managers for international trade and international trade policy. Training is done in English by the leading faculty members of Belarus State Economic University as well as by home and foreign experts in the sphere of international economics and trade policy. The latest educational technologies are employed in the training process. The program includes a set of unique courses which have no Russian language equivalents in the Republic of Belarus. «International Economics and Trade Policy» is the Master's Program designed by the BSEU Department of World Economics with the technical support of the WTO Educational Centre, the Virtual Institute of the UN Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Berlin University for Applied Sciences being partners of the Master's Program. The graduates awarded the Master's degree under the «International Economics and Trade Policy» Program will acquire specialist skills and knowledge of the WTO operation mechanism, peculiarities of the trade policy implementation by countries, regional integration unions, which will enable the future Program graduate to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, diplomatic missions, countries' representative offices in international and regional organizations, foreign economic departments of national companies.  Program Peculiarities Upon graduation a master student is awarded a degree of the Master of Economics majoring in «International Economics and Trade Policy» (direction 25 81 «Economics»). Instruction is provided by the leading professors of the BSEU School of International Economic Relations, as well as representatives of... [-]


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