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EMAS Eurasian Management & Administration School

Russia Moscow Nizhny Novgorod Russia Online Ukraine Kiev Belarus Minsk Kazakhstan Almaty September 2018 + 5 more

About EMAS Business School Eurasian Management and Administration School (EMAS Business School) is one of the leading business schools, the expert in strategic management and MBA programs in Europe, Russia and CIS countries. EMAS Business School offices are open in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. For our students, we offer 3 types of educational programs: face-to-face, blended and 100% online. What really helps us to stand out from other business schools? EMAS is one of the strongest… [+] experts in strategic management in the World - the key competence for successful top managers and business owners. We are one of the few in the world who have developed a unique online strategy development platform based on own strategic management methodology. EMAS has developed this tool together with LAD group. Except for EMAS, only a few companies in the World have similar IT tools We consult other business schools how to teach strategic management. There are a number of business schools worldwide that buy a license from us to deliver EMAS Strategic Management programs We regularly enhance our competences by being involved in complicated consulting projects. We are deeply involved in business practice through consulting and developing business strategy for real companies - no matter whether they are small, medium or large Our positions in Business Education rankings ТОP-25 among the best МВА programs in Central and Eastern Europe according to the World Best Masters Ranking ТОP-60 among the best МВА programs in Europe according to the World Best Masters Ranking ТОP-200 among the best MBA programs worldwide according to the World Best Masters Ranking EMAS comes 6th among Business Schools with face-to-face MBA in Russia, "MBA in Moscow and Russia" and RBC ranking EMAS comes 1st among Business Schools with online MBA in Russia, "MBA in Moscow and Russia" and RBC ranking EMAS comes 2nd among Business Schools with blended MBA in Russia, "MBA in Moscow and Russia" and RBC ranking EMAS programs are ТОP-3 MBA programs content, "MBA in Moscow and Russia" and RBC ranking [-]

Belarus State Economic University

Master Belarus Minsk September 2018

The history of our university The Belarus State Economic University (BSEU) was founded 77 years ago in 1933. For its activities back in the Soviet period it was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor. This is one of the largest universities in the country. It trains specialists in the field of economics, management, and law. The graduates of the university work in all the sectors of the national economy both in the country and abroad. The university has a developed infrastructure,… [+] which provides training and research within eight schools: School of Accounting and Economics; School of Commerce Economics and Management; School of Finance and Banking; School of International Business Communications; School of International Economic Relations; School of Law; School of Management; School of Marketing. In addition, BSEU incorporates Higher School of Tourism, Higher School of Business and Management, Consulting Center for Commerce, a specialized school of pre-university training, and a specialized school of psychological and teaching updating. The university has a Research Center, an International Relations Division, and a Publishing Center. The university library is one of the best supplied and equipped in the country. There is a branch of the university beyond Minsk in Bobruisk. The university has 54 departments (including 5 that are found in its branch), research laboratories, a student campus, and a retail trade center. The training of students is done on a multi-level basis. The degrees pursued are those of bachelors, specialists, and masters. The graduates can also continue their education in a post-graduate school called aspirantura (full-time or part-time), where they pursue a Ph.D. degree, and in a post-doctorate school called doctorantura to pursue a post-doctorate degree (doctor habile). The priorities in the organization of teaching are thorough training, a creative approach to mastering knowledge, as well as making conditions for the realization of individual abilities. The focus is made on providing of the systemic level of studies, making connections among the subjects taught, establishing interdisciplinary courses, developing independent work skills, implementing active forms of the teaching process, and effective methods of testing. The university is proud of its technical equipment. It has about 40 computer classrooms, training bookkeeping centers, as well as automated PC-based training offices for specialists in management, finance, banking, and commerce. Lecture halls have slide projectors and other required technical equipment. Classes are fully equipped for language study. Satellite TV, Internet, and local computing network are widely used in the teaching process. Acquiring new techniques of teaching and exchanging experience in teaching combined with doing research on topical issues of economic development are made possible due to fruitful contacts with companies, agencies, and related universities, including those beyond Belarus. BSEU has a well-developed infrastructure of a training and scholarly complex: 11 schools, 54 departments (of which 38 are graduating ones), the Institute of Social-Liberal Education, the Institute of Raising Qualification and Retraining Economic Cadres, the Bobruisk branch, six Centers (those of scholarly research, macroeconomic research, management issues and consulting services, merchandising research and expert examination, IT development and a publishing one), a library, research labs, divisions and services, a student campus, a sports complex and a trade complex. Being the leading school of higher learning in the field of economics, BSEU is in the process of constant development, searching for new forms and methods of teaching. Currently, the following educational activities are in place at the BSEU: Pre-university training First and second phases of higher education (undergraduate and master’s programs) Doctoral and post-doctoral (Dr. hab.) programs The total number of students (both full-time and part-time) amounts to 27,000. Among them are international students from 23 countries. The students are trained in 23 majors and 55 specializations. There are over 1,300 faculty members. Almost half of them hold advanced degrees and scholarly titles, including 100 doctors habile (Dr. hab.) and full professors and 610 with a Ph.D. degree. Training specialists with higher scholarly qualification are done at the graduate school (49 majors of doctoral programs) and post-graduate courses (14 majors), both full-time and part-time. Under the auspices of the BSEU, there function 5 councils on defending dissertations, with 154 successful defenses in place over the recent five years. Modern realities affect our activities and make it a necessity to train well-educated specialists with initiative and business skills. The faculty’s efforts are aimed at providing students with solid professional training, knowledge of economic theory, computer technologies, calculus, foreign languages, as well as forming highly qualified and well-organized personalities. The key point in teaching is to provide a systemic level of cognition, a wide use of active forms of teaching and learning, discover individual talents of students, and apply effective methods of graduates’ knowledge control and state certification. The University’s international activities are aimed at developing relations with the leading universities of the CIS countries, France, Germany, Italy, and China. For over 10 years now, we have been closely cooperating with the University Paris-1 Pantheon-Sorbonne in France. At present, the BSEU has bilateral agreements with 64 universities and research institutions from 16 countries. Creative contacts with the national and overseas universities help enrich the process of teaching with practical information and provide a wide exchange of experience, as well as conduct research on relevant issues of the economic development and identify the most promising trends of training specialists based on the needs of the national economy and domestic labor market. [-]

Belarusian State University

Master Belarus Minsk September 2018

Reasons to Choose BSU The Belarusian State University is a leading scientific, educational, innovation and cultural center of the Republic of Belarus. Belarusian State University (BSU) Minsk, Belarus, was founded on October 30, 1921. It exercises its’ potential which is based on the best domestic and international experience in order to comply with intellectual, cultural and social demands and interests of the individual, society, and state and to facilitate the sustainable d… [+] evelopment of the country. The University Strategy is based on creative cooperation of academic staff and students and aimed at performing educational, research and innovation programs; forming auspicious conditions for the development of intellectual and creative potential of the individual; cherishing and upholding the best traditions of university classic education; securing a fitting place in the world educational area. CHOOSING BSU, YOU CHOOSE: The leading Belarusian university preparing specialists of world’s level. University which enters 2% of the best world universities, taking high positions among 30 thousand of already existing higher education institutions. A compliance certificates quality management system to the ISO 9001. A wide range of specialties. Affordable tuition fee. Internationally recognized diploma. HIGHER EDUCATION SYSTEM OF BELARUS The higher education system of Belarus presupposes several steps: the first step of higher education (specialist) the second step of higher education (Master studies) Doctoral studies. Studying year is divided into 2 terms, each ending with an exam session. The knowledge check is conducted in the form of credits and exams. During the exam session students’ work during the term is assessed: the integrity of knowledge, the depth, and solidity of the theoretical knowledge, creative thinking development, skills for self-work and ability to apply the knowledge while solving practical problems. Students must pass all the credits and exams in accordance with the curriculum and exams session timetable. Students who have passed all the credits and term papers, graphical papers and tasks foreseen by the curriculum get admission to pass the exams. Academic calendar Documents are accepted until October, 15. Students can come for studies from August, 15 until October, 15. Introductory program: October, 10 – October, 15. Autumn term: September – December. Exam session: December-January. Vacations: February (3 weeks). After finishing the studies the student gets the graduation education document according to the level of the program/course obtained and the terms of studies. Students who study at the programs of the full studying cycle (specialist/Master studies) get a diploma in higher education. Students who study at short-term programs get Transcript of records. BELARUS AND BELARUSIANS Belarus is a modern independent state with a high level of intellectual and industrial potential. Belarus is an original and beautiful country with rich historical past and unique nature. It is situated in the center of Europe and has common borders with 5 countries: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Russian Federation. We treat foreign citizens in a tolerant way. There are no interracial, inter-ethnical or religious conflicts. Belarusians themselves are famous for their hospitality, tolerance, and cordiality and you can see that with your own eyes. Studying in Belarus you will have a unique opportunity to dip into country’s life, culture and traditions, master your knowledge of Russian, get the experience of communication with native speakers and make new friends. [-]

Yanka Kupala State University Of Grodno

Master Belarus Grodno September 2018

Republic of Belarus - a small country in central Europe with a rich history and distinctive architecture, a favorable geographical position and favorable climate. The population is about 9.5 million. human. The capital of the republic - Hero City Minsk. Grodno - the regional center, the city of royal castles. Population - more than 350 thousand people. In a world of peace and harmony in Hrodna representatives of different nationalities and religions. Everything you need for… [+] a comfortable life is within walking distance. Hrodna State University It is one of the leading universities of the Republic of Belarus. The University provides training in more than 70 undergraduate majors and more than 30 master specialties. Training is carried out on the technical, technological, humanitarian, educational, economic, legal and IT profiles. Education at the University is conducted in Russian. For legal, economic and IT professions education possible in English. The university has a preparatory department for foreign nationals, which students learn Russian language and are adapted to training in the Republic of Belarus universities. The University is the winner of the Award of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality. Our university is renowned for the quality of education, so an increasing number of foreign students each year learn from us. Today, the university has more than 600 foreign students from 22 countries. YKSUG Yanka Kupala - a quality and professionalism: Award of the Government of the Republic of Belarus in the field of quality; certificate of quality management system compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 training of foreign students is carried out since 1989 Teaching staff - more than 50 doctors and 300 candidates of sciences YKSUG Yanka Kupala - a broad social benefits and features: each foreign student is given a place in a hostel to students services - medical center, art center, sports club, unlimited Internet program for the exchange of students from leading European universities YKSUG Yanka Kupala - a memorable student life: student festivals, competitions, tourist rallies, more than 200 groups and creative teams 14 sports clubs, a stadium, two soccer fields, 4 tennis courts, 15 sports and gyms OUR SCHOOLS - THE WAY TO YOUR SUCCESS Faculty of Pre-University Training the study of the Russian language, preparation for university adaptation to university studies Faculty of Biology and Ecology biology and ecology production and catering Faculty of Civil Engineering industrial and civil construction Department of innovative technologies and engineering Equipment and technology of high-performance materials handling processes Technical operation of the vehicle transport logistics Faculty of Physical Education Physical Culture Faculty of Philology modern foreign languages philology (Russian, Roman-German) law school jurisprudence international law economic law customs business Psychology faculty psychology, applied psychology Faculty of History, Communication and Tourism tourism and hospitality sociology journalism, information and communication Linguistic Support of intercultural communication Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Computer Security Software Information Technology information resources management Faculty of Education logopaedics pre-school and primary education social work Physics and Technology Faculty physics Instrumentation Engineer technical operation of power companies Faculty of Economics and Management world economy Economics and Enterprise Management management Finance and Credit Accounting, analysis and audit Faculty of Art and Design design, visual arts [-]

International University

Master Belarus Minsk September 2018

About the International University "MITSO" INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY “MITSO” TODAY: International University “MITSO” is a modern and dynamically developing institution of higher education which offers a high-quality education in the spheres of management, economics, and law. OUR MISSION: To provide our students with a high-quality modern education which will become the most effective tool for their successful career development and life building. To create unique opportunities for sel… [+] f-fulfillment for those who work with us. OUR GOAL: To become the most prestigious university at the cutting edge of modern education in Belarus. OUR PRINCIPLES AND VALUES: Knowledge and professionalism Morality and respect Team spirit and ideas sharing Creativity and dynamism Accessibility and transparency of information Reliability and integrity Reputation OUR HISTORY: The International University “MITSO” was founded by the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, an authoritative public organization, with over 4 million members. March 15, 1930 The beginning of the first academic year at the Higher School of Trade Union Movement, a legal predecessor of the International Institute of Labour and Social Relations (IILSR) – former University February 1992 The establishment of the International Institute of Labour and Social Relations (IILSR) as an institution of higher education by the decision of the Presidium of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus July 12, 2005 The IILSR students acquired a right to obtain a school loan on preferential terms being enrolled in higher education for the first time (in accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 319) 2008 The IILSR went through the assessment and accreditation procedure and was granted status as a higher educational establishment with the right to issue diplomas of the state standard. September 1, 2010 The IILSR was granted an international certificate of conformity to the international quality management standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001: 2008 with the accreditation of the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) June 30, 2011 By the decision of the Presidium of the Council of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, the IILSR was granted a status of a university and was renamed International University “MITSO” January 30, 2012 International University “MITSO” was granted the Certificate of State Accreditation confirming the status of a higher educational institution (field-oriented university) International University "MITSO" provides higher education on the basis of the secondary education, vocational education, specialized secondary education and higher education. at all the three levels: undergraduate level (university degree), graduate level (master's degree) and postgraduate level (Ph.D./doctorate degree). It has well-established research traditions and well-defined research specialization in the spheres of economics and law. THE ACADEMIC STRUCTURE OF THE UNIVERSITY INCLUDES: Research Institute of Labour and Social Relations Institute for Professional Development and Retraining of Specialists OUR FACULTIES: Faculty of International Economic Relations and Management Law Faculty Faculty of Pre-university Training Faculty of Economics and Law (Vitebsk and Gomel Regional Branches) OFFICIAL NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY: FULL NAME: Higher Educational Establishment of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus "International University "MITSO" SHORT NAME: International University "MITSO" REGIONAL BRANCHES: Vitebsk Branch of International University “MITSO” Gomel Branch of International University “MITSO” [-]

Гомельский государственный университет имени Франциска Скорины

Belarus Gomel September 2018

History of Gomel State University. F. Scorina begins with 1929, when the decision of the CEC of the BSSR, it was decided to open in Gomel agropedagogicheskogo Institute. Over the years the Institute has prepared for different areas of the national economy about 13,000 highly qualified specialists have been significant advances in the field of science. Today Gomel State University. F. Scorina - is the largest research and training center, which has rightfully gained recognition… [+] from national and international scientific community. The oldest university in the region has become a real intellectual and cultural nucleus of the Belarusian Polesie. The scientific potential of GSU them. F. Scorina quite solid. The total number of employed person in 1487, including the faculty (PPP) (without part-time) - 678. Among the teaching staff and researchers of 40 doctors, 31 Professor, 250 candidates of sciences, 209 associate professor. Among doctors, five members of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (A.V.Rogachev, LA Shemetkov, AN Serdyukov, GG Goncharenko, VF Baginski). Reserve scientific and teaching personnel is a post-graduate course (56 majors) and Doctorate (5 specialties). Since 2004, the magistracy. The university has four council for the defense of dissertations on 6 specialties, including a doctorate. [-]

IPM Business school

Belarus Minsk September 2018

About IPM IPM Business School is a meeting point for the best real-world experience and local practices. That became possible due to: Partnerships with leading business schools and consulting companies worldwide (81 organizations); Membership of the Central and Eastern European Management Development Association (CEEMAN, ); Accreditation by proven international educational programs; Regular faculty training at prestigious educational establishments; Close connection… [+] with business practice through consulting, research and practical experience of our tutors and clients. The close connection of development directions: The main activities of IPM Business School are education (international programs, long-term courses, short-term workshops on specific professional topics, in-corporate programs); research (monthly Review of Belarusian Economy, macroeconomic forecasts and trends of Belarusian business developed by the Research Center. Novelty based on the experience IPM Business School has the longest in Belarus experience in the sphere of business education. Business trends monitoring in Belarus and predicting the needs as well as integration into the international business education allows us to introduce regularly educational programs in the areas that are innovative for Belarus.) [-]