Baku State University


Baku State University is known as a leader of educational institutions, has a rich history and today it is known as one of the most famous scientific and educational centers of Azerbaijan Republic. The University has been the center of thought and national thinking. Azerbaijan’s famous politician, Heydar Aliyev and thousands of well-known scientists, intellectuals, and outstanding diplomats graduated from this university.

According to the decree of our national leader Heydar Aliyev dated June 13, 2000, the university received the status of autonomy, and began to implement its activity on the basis of its own statute.
Today, Baku State University offers students 16 majors with 55 bachelors and 153 master degrees.

Every year, thousands of young people do their best to pass difficult competition,and enter Baku State University. The competition is 3 persons per place of the faculty; sometimes it reaches 10 persons per place ofa certain faculty. Every year the president of Azerbaijan Republic awards the “presidential grant”to 40 of the 100 best entrants,for their high results in educationon behalf of BSU. The university is currently made up of wellprepared professionals in such new specialties as inspectorate of earth crust and ground structure, soil cadastre, German language, german literature etc. The University takes care of its students providing labs and auditoriums equipped with thenecessary materials and technicial basis.

The main goal of the University is to train proffesionals with free and creative thinking based on democratic values.

Incombination with paying attention to teaching the main specialities, the Universtiy does great work in teaching foreign languages. For this purpose more than 10 linguistic rooms based on new educational technologiesare providedfor student use. The University library has more than 2.5 million books, and 12 reading rooms. The 5 subscription departments systematically serve more than 15 thousand students and teachers.

Achieving progress in theeducational sphere,the University also takes part in bringing up healthy and strong youth, by building agrandiose sport and health complex.

At the same time the University is the centre of 37 scientific research and teaching labs which cover not only natural but also humanitarian spheres Scientific Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Scientific Research Institute of Physics Problemswith more than 200 employees.Also taughthere aredisciplines suchas refinements of Azeri language, its history and literature, genetics, nanotechnology, inventon of nanomaterials anda wide spectrum of otherfields.

International Relations of the Universitygrows broader everyday. Today BSU is a member of such authoritative associations and institutions as Association of Universtities of Eurasia, which consolidates most of universities of former USSR, Association of Universities of Caspian Sea States, Association of Universities of Black Sea States, Assosiation of European Universities. In 2002-2004 BSU led the Association of Universities of Black Sea States very successfully. In addition, the University has bilateral agreements on scientific and technical cooperation, student-teacher exchange programs with Moscow State University Lomonosov’s, Middle Eeast Technical University, Nice-Sofia Antipole University, Indiana University, Kiyev National University, Vienna University and other universities and assosiations.

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