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ADA University

Master MA Azerbaijan Baku September 2017

About ADA University ADA was established in 2006, transformed into university by the decree of President in 2014 and is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. ADA University is dedicated to preparing innovative global leaders and to promoting useful collaborative research on diplomacy, public and international affairs, business, humanities and sciences, information technologies and system engineering. We put students at the very… [+] center of our community and give them the opportunity to tailor their education to their specific interests and needs. We challenge them to find solutions for today’s most pressing issues. Most importantly, we promote initiative, teamwork and collaboration that are essential skills for future leaders. Our faculty at ADA University is comprised of scholars and practitioners both from Azerbaijan and from leading universities and colleges around the globe. They contribute to this stimulating environment by engaging students in lively discussions in and outside the classroom and preparing them for rewarding careers in a variety of fields. ADA University also offers the perfect setting to conduct academic and policy research on regional and international topics. We play a significant role in developing a productive research climate and in stimulating a forum for innovative ideas in Azerbaijan. It is these compelling differences – a focus on a variety of fields, an innovative model of learning, a unique setting for collaborative research – that are already making ADA University a unique center of learning in an increasingly strategic region of which Azerbaijan is part. ADA University opened its doors to students in January 2007 and moved to its permanent “green” and "smart" campus in downtown Baku, in September of 2012. We have moved into our new campus with a significant program expansion as well. The ADA University has emerged in the new campus with four schools: School of Public and International Affairs, School of Business, School of Humanities and Sciences, and School of Engineering and Information Technologies. Mission Primary goal of ADA University is to prepare innovative global leaders who are committed to making a difference in the region and throughout the world. We are committed to fostering advanced research in an innovative and thought-provoking academic setting. To that end, our mission is: To cultivate innovative leaders with a global perspective through personalized instruction; To educate students in a unique cultural environment where teamwork, initiative, critical reasoning, and analytical thinking are encouraged and developed; To bring innovation in the education system and a new mentality to Azerbaijan and the surrounding region; To foster useful research in a variety of fields and disciplines. And by doing so, we will not only train a new generation of leaders and help resolve many difficult problems in the region, but also promote innovation in Azerbaijan’s higher educational system and a new mentality among its people. ADA University Charter was approved by the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on July 8th, 2014. Four pillars ADA University is a vision of future brought to life. This vision is driven by Innovation, Global Leadership and Responsible Citizenship. Our vision and strategy are based on four pillars: Global Leadership Innovative Learning Social Responsibility Thriving Location Global Leadership ADA University prepares innovative global leaders who are committed to making a difference in the region and throughout the world. We offer knowledge with global breadth and depth. We have started as a national school, but aspire to become a global brand. Innovative Learning Our world-class academic programs and curriculum, which are attracting the best and the brightest, are making the ADA University a clear intellectual epicenter in the region. Students at ADA University learn not just from professors, but have a unique opportunity to also learn from their diverse group of peers. Together they work with instructors as team-mates in a collaborative and open environment where the flow of ideas is highly encouraged and valued. ADA University is a culture of collaboration, and teamwork, with a strong focus on analytical thinking, critical reasoning and strategic planning. Social Responsibility As ADA University prepares future leaders for a changing world, it is playing a guiding role in bringing change to Azerbaijan itself. Through its innovative learning model, groundbreaking research and dedication to giving back to the community, ADA University is fast becoming a potent force for training new minds and developing new ideas critical to the young democracy's development. We share the philosophy of worldwide education and work to encourage principles of responsible citizenship. Thriving Location ADA University's singular focus on a variety of fields in an increasingly strategic region makes it unique among institutions of higher learning. Baku and ADA University are both a living laboratory and will remain so for many years to come. In this thriving, cosmopolitan city and school, students feel they are part of a groundbreaking, transformational change in Azerbaijan. ADA University is quickly becoming a new element in our national identity as well as on the international map. We thrive in concert with the capital city of Azerbaijan. [-]

Azerbaijan University Of Architecture And Construction

Master Azerbaijan Baku September 2017

Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction started its activity with engineering and construction faculty under Baku Polytechnic Institute in 1920. Specialists on construction field were trained at Baku Polytechnic, Azerbaijan Oil, then at Azerbaijan Institute of Industry during several years. An independent Civil Engineering Institute was established on base of engineering and construction faculty in 1932 – 1934 years. It was known as “Construction” facul… [+] ty at Azerbaijan Institute of Industry since 1934. With the establishment of the Polytechnic Institute in 1951the faculties of architecture, construction, hydro melioration and transportation were moved there. In 1975 with the initiative of Heydar Aliyev, National Leader of our people with the decree of USSR Council of Ministers Azerbaijan Institute of Civil Engineering (present Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction ) was founded on basis of Architectural, Construction, Hydro melioration and Transportation faculties of Azerbaijan Institute of Polytechnic. On 13 June, 2000 by the Decree of Heydar Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan this higher education institution was renamed Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction. Currently the University has a total area of 49000m2 and consists of College of Construction, Lyceum of technical bias and 8 faculties in 5 education buildings. 7036 students study at the University. 620 students from 14 countries study at the faculty of Education of Foreign citizens and the study is conducted in 3 languages – Azerbaijan, Russian and English. Scientific Research Department within Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction involves science, the main leading direction of University. The main duty of the Department is to support the innovative scientific works and patents of our scientists, scientific reports as well the activity of research laboratories. The Department collaborate with State Science Funds, NGOs, industrial institutions and others. The Department has had sufficient experience on holding and organizing international and local, scientific practical conferences. The main direction of our activity is unity of science and industry. Our main duties are getting international status of patent and inventions, spreading scientific information and strengthen the scientific publications. The basic targets are to define main fields of scientific researches and develop participation level in scientific projects. [-]

Western University

Azerbaijan Baku September 2017

Western University is a private educational institution based in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan. Founded in 1991, it has become one of the leading universities in Azerbaijan. It has a well-established reputation in the academic sector and provides a vast range of departments for serious–minded students. The requirements to enter the University are among the highest among non-state universities.Western University was founded with the purpose to create an educational institution w… [+] hich would contribute to the economic, social and political development of Azerbaijan through teaching students to become specialists who would satisfy the needs of the Republic during and after its economic transition.   Western University has been a member of European Foundation for Management Development since 1996. It has also been a member of International Universities Association (IAU) within UNESCO since 1997, a member of Black Sea Universities Network since 1999 as well as a corporate member of International Institute of Administrative Sciences since 2001, and a member of International Tourism Association "Atlas". For its achievements in the academic field in the years 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2009, Western University was awarded the Diploma "Ugur" as the best higher educational establishment. The rating of the School of Political Science and the School of Business Administration is one of the highest in the Republic and is higher than in many large national state universities.   Western University is a partner organization in several projects of the program Erasmus Mundus funded by the European Union. Through these projects, students have the opportunity to continue their education for one semester at the partner universities of the project countries of Western Europe, such as France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Poland, etc. Students, who will get this chance, are exempted from tuition fees in those universities and they will be given scholarships by the European Union in the amount of 1,000 euros per month. Western University provides training in thirty specialities for over 1,000 students based on full-time, part-time and correspondence courses. Each year about 350 students are enrolled on twenty one programs delivered in five schools. Courses are taught by over 180 faculty members and adjunct professors. The studentship include the youth from various countries around the world, which emphasises the University’s excellent reputation.The University is located in a large four-story building of classical architecture near the Presidential Palace and the Old Castle which is in the Center of Baku's fascinating downtown. During the 22 years of its existence, Western University has become well known not only in Azerbaijan but also outside the Republic. [-]

Baku State University

Azerbaijan Baku September 2017

Baku State University is known as a leader of educational institutions, has a rich history and today it is known as one of the most famous scientific and educational centers of Azerbaijan Republic. The University has been the center of thought and national thinking. Azerbaijan’s famous politician, Heydar Aliyev and thousands of well-known scientists, intellectuals, and outstanding diplomats graduated from this university. According to the decree of our national leader H… [+] eydar Aliyev dated June 13, 2000, the university received the status of autonomy, and began to implement its activity on the basis of its own statute.Today, Baku State University offers students 16 majors with 55 bachelors and 153 master degrees.   Every year, thousands of young people do their best to pass difficult competition, and enter Baku State University. The competition is 3 persons per place of the faculty; sometimes it reaches 10 persons per place of a certain faculty. Every year the president of Azerbaijan Republic awards the “presidential grant” to 40 of the 100 best entrants, for their high results in education on behalf of BSU. The university is currently made up of well prepared professionals in such new specialties as inspectorate of earth crust and ground structure, soil cadastre, German language, german literature etc. The University takes care of its students providing labs and auditoriums equipped with the necessary materials and technicial basis. The main goal of the University is to train proffesionals with free and creative thinking based on democratic values. In combination with paying attention to teaching the main specialities, the Universtiy does great work in teaching foreign languages. For this purpose more than 10 linguistic rooms based on new educational technologies are provided for student use. The University library has more than 2.5 million books, and 12 reading rooms. The 5 subscription departments systematically serve more than 15 thousand students and teachers. Achieving progress in the educational sphere, the University also takes part in bringing up healthy and strong youth, by building a grandiose sport and health complex. At the same time the University is the centre of 37 scientific research and teaching labs which cover not only natural but also humanitarian spheres Scientific Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Scientific Research Institute of Physics Problems with more than 200 employees. Also taught here are disciplines such as refinements of Azeri language, its history and literature, genetics, nanotechnology, inventon of nanomaterials and a wide spectrum of other fields. International Relations of the University grows broader everyday. Today BSU is a member of such authoritative associations and institutions as Association of Universtities of Eurasia, which consolidates most of universities of former USSR, Association of Universities of Caspian Sea States, Association of Universities of Black Sea States, Assosiation of European Universities. In 2002-2004 BSU led the Association of Universities of Black Sea States very successfully. In addition, the University has bilateral agreements on scientific and technical cooperation, student-teacher exchange programs with Moscow State University Lomonosov’s, Middle Eeast Technical University, Nice-Sofia Antipole University, Indiana University, Kiyev National University, Vienna University and other universities and assosiations. [-]

Khazar University

MSc MA Azerbaijan Baku September 2017

Khazar University in Baku, Azerbaijan was founded in 1991 by Professor Hamlet Isaxanli. Its founding is significant, as it is the first private university in Azerbaijan and it was founded during the country’s period of transition from Soviet to independent rule.For several years in the late 1980s, Hamlet Isaxanli did personal research on universities all around the world and spent time observing the education system in Azerbaijan. In the summer of 1990, he organized his i… [+] deas into an article called “Thoughts on Science and the Education System,” which was published in Russian in the "Bakinskiy Rabochiy" newspaper and then in Azerbaijani in the "Communist" newspaper. He realized that in his mind, a model for a new university in Azerbaijan was forming.According to Isaxanli, success in the education sector would be achieved either by reforming existing institutions or by founding a new one, based jointly on West European and American models and on the local situation and traditions of Azerbaijan. He felt that founding a private university was a real possibility because of the growing signs of pluralism in the political and economic systems at that time, opening the possibility that something new would also be accepted in the education system. Isaxanli also felt that the new private university would be a good model for Azerbaijan, because it could make use of the experience of Western higher educational institutions but also take into account the specific needs and patterns of Azerbaijan.In the fall of 1991, the university began teaching preparatory courses. Beginning from the spring semester in 1992, it operated out of a building that had previously been Baku's Kindergarten no. 240 in Ahmadli. In September 1992, the university was officially inaugurated in a ceremony at the National Opera and Ballet Theater and welcomed 200 students.     Academic informationIn Azerbaijan, Khazar University is recognized for providing innovative Western-style education at all levels: undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral. It also runs a lab school (Dunya School) with programs at kindergarten, elementary and secondary school levels.Khazar University has a faculty body of about 200 lecturers, many of whom were educated and/or trained in Europe and the United States. Khazar University is the pioneer in Azerbaijan to have a flexible student-centered credit accumulation system. Khazar’s curricula meet the standards of the leading universities in advanced industrialized democracies. The primary language of instruction at Khazar is English. These factors aim to increase the academic and professional opportunities for the students and train them to work in a globalizing international environment. [-]