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The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt has been, and will continue offering excellence in teaching and research and top class education for students who then graduate as highly qualified professionals from the 32 study programmes in the faculties of Business, Engineering, Health, Security and Sport.

The continual support and development of our approx. 3.550 students from more than 50 nations as well as the 1.200 employees and lecturers is the basis for a sustainably successful and future oriented institute of higher education.

Thanks to our excellent network of companies, obligatory business internships and projects, contacts to future employers are made available from the very beginning of studies. 81% of the students are highly satisfied with the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (Average satisfaction level of students in Austria: 73%).

As a sign of confidence we have again been voted by employers in the current FH ranking 2012, as one of the top 3 applied science universities in Austria.

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MSc in Aerospace Engineering

Campus Full time October 2017 Austria Wiener Neustadt

Aerospace Engineering has always been the most outstanding discipline of all the engineering fields. Far from being limited to the Aerospace field alone, aerospace engineers can be found in every field of technology where the most challenging demands must be met. [+]

Build the future Aerospace Engineering has always been the most outstanding discipline of all the engineering fields. Far from being limited to the Aerospace field alone, aerospace engineers can be found in every field of technology where the most challenging demands must be met. The Aerospace Engineering Department of the Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt strives to prepare their students for challenging tasks in their future professions. For this purpose, an outstanding curriculum has been implemented. - Apply for 2016 starting January 1, 2016 Most of the courses are given by lecturers from leading Aerospace Engineering companies using the newest methods and tools (such as ANSYS, CADFEM, CATIA software) and thereby ensure the most up-to-date education for our students. In addition, the curriculum was developed so that the theory taught in the courses can be applied directly either in numerous student projects or in the outstanding research in various fields of Aerospace Engineering R & D The Aerospace Engineering department is involved in some of the most prominent research topics presently ongoing in the aerospace field. In cooperation with the FH owned research company FOTEC, the AE department provides the core elements of scientific instruments for one of the most prestigious mission of NASA and ESA, developed a possible propulsion system for the cornerstone mission LISA, investigates future electric propulsion systems and has developed the smallest Bipropellant Engine in the 1N range operating with low toxicity propellants (Green Propellants). [-]


MA in Business Consultancy International

Campus Full time October 2017 Austria Wiener Neustadt

Business Consultancy International (BCi) is a high quality and challenging business degree programme at master’s level taught entirely in English. [+]

Business Consultancy International (BCi) is a high quality and challenging business degree programme at master’s level taught entirely in English. The programme provides a considerable advantage when beginning your career, particularly in the business management and consultancy professions. As a BCi graduate you will be able to fulfill requirements of the business community by means of perfect communication skills in English, intercultural understanding and experience, global business know-how and knowledge of universal standards. The four-semester, full-time master's programme provides a particularly stimulating environment in which students from many different nations and cultural backgrounds work together with an international faculty. In the fourth semester you are encouraged to study abroad at one of our partner universities around the world. In the BCi master’s programme you can choose to specialise either in financial management and investment analysis (Treasury and Investment) or in marketing and data analytics (Marketing Analytics). Key strengths of BCi Practical Learning Throughout the programme, you will acquire in-depth exposure to a range of management and consultancy skills in addition to specialisation in the areas of treasury and investment management or marketing analytics. It is envisaged that these courses will build on previous knowledge, and through close collaboration with companies, banks, and other important organisations, will combine traditional theory and methodology with hands-on tools and skills through case studies, projects and seminars. The small class sizes facilitate an intense and interactive learning environment whereby you will work with both the lecturers and your fellow students (and in some cases even external organisations) to apply your knowledge. Top-notch Education The majority of courses are led by highly qualified practitioners in their respective fields. We work closely with lecturers from banks, corporations, and other institutions to tailor a programme that meets the demands of the current market. Each specialisation course is designed by the university faculty in collaboration with expert lecturers to offer education that combines traditional theory with the skills and tools that are required on day one in the workplace. International Atmosphere There is no amount of theory that can fully prepare you for the challenges and rewards of actually working in and managing diverse teams. As worldwide financial markets and corporations become increasingly integrated and connected, students are expected now more than ever to have a global approach and experience working in a multicultural environment. Our degree programme offers immersion into a real melting pot of cultures and attitudes. Our students not only come from a variety of national and ethnic backgrounds, but along with that comes a diversity of academic and working experiences as well. The contributions from your peers in class, group work and even social gatherings create additional added value on top of what is already a high-level degree. Admission Process STEP 1. Submit your application online, including necessary documentation. STEP 2. If you are selected, you will be invited to the personal admission interview. STEP 3. All applicants will then be ranked based on their results. STEP 4. If you are accepted, you will receive confirmation approximately two weeks following the interview, and be asked to sign an “Acceptance of study place“ form which must be returned to the University. STEP 5. On the first day of classes, you will be asked to sign an educational contract. Get To Know Your Study Program //. Multi-cultural microcosm The BCi postgraduate programme is relatively small - each year about 40 students are admitted, from up to 15 countries, and each semester they are joined by a number of rotating exchange students from our partner universities abroad. The study programme requires a great deal of interaction between the students, which intensifies multi-cultural tolerance and cooperation. The teaching staff of the programme is also international. Many of the lecturers are employed in international companies and provide their expertise to the students on an external basis. In addition, a number of professors come from foreign universities to teach courses as part of the BCi programme. //. Exchange semester The exchange semester at a partner university is an opportunity available to all successful students in the fourth semester of their studies. The university currently has over 70 partner universities scattered around the globe; many of them offer an exchange opportunity at master’s level. If chosen, you are exempted from the academic programme in Wiener Neustadt and a matching substitute programme at the partner university is completed instead. In this way, the study-abroad semester does not extend the duration of your degree programme. The exchange semester is voluntary. //. Practice At master’s level, great importance is placed on case studies, projects and presentations based on directed self-study. This enhances the ability to work, analyse and research independently. In a final “capstone“ consultancy course, the entire master‘s class is divided into consultancy teams. Each team has the task of acting as consultants on a specific project for an actual company. //. Social & Interpersonal skills The importance of personal skills, including communication skills, should not be underestimated. Most functions in business involve inter-personal communication, team projects, successful presentations or other cooperative activities. The BCi programme provides instruction in a number of key communicative and social skills. These ensure that all BCi graduates are able to perform business activities with a large degree of professional competence. [-]