Macleay College


Our students and teachers are a collective of creatively minded individuals who work together to explore, inspire and grow.

A contemporary curriculum that prepares you for the real world

Crafted in line with industry needs and expectations, our courses are current and relevant. Teachers and students work collaboratively to bridge the gap between theory and real-life application. Project-based learning and internships provide our students with the opportunity to learn from doing.

Learn from the best of industry

We have gathered the best Journalism, Advertising, Media, Business and Marketing professionals to guide our students to industry success. With a diverse range of specialisations and experience, our teachers provide our students with hands-on, real-world experience.

Our students value our teachers. We received a rating of 92.5% for teaching quality in the 2017 QILT Survey, well above the national average of 81.5%.

Our internship program

All of our courses include a compulsory internship unit. We support our students to secure an internship in their interested field or specialisation. This forms a critical aspect of their learning. An internship provides our students with valuable work experience and an opportunity to demonstrate to a potential employer that they have what it takes.

Playing to your individual strengths

We cater to the unique interests of the individual. Our students play to their strengths and our course structure provides the opportunity to create an individual experience. We emphasise the importance of a growth mindset, developing both academic and interpersonal skills in a supportive and intimate environment. It’s what makes us so different to traditional universities.

The Macleay difference

Job ready graduates

You learn by doing at Macleay. Pitching business ideas to entrepreneurs, recording a radio ad in the studio or writing a story in the Newsroom. Our curriculum is as hands-on and practical as you can get.

Most of your studies will be centred around project-based learning. This means you’ll be working on authentic real-life projects with your peers in a creative learning environment where everyone has a voice and where everyone can make a contribution.

Our teachers are all working in the industry in their area of expertise. They bring latest the trends and insights to the classroom every day to ensure you are job ready upon graduation. It also means you’ll benefit from their industry network. Many of our teachers have introduced students to their future employers or supported connections to get graduates one step closer to their dream role.

Positive education

We adopt the principles and practices of positive education at Macleay. We teach students how to adopt a growth mindset and capitalise on their strengths.

Students develop skills that support relationship development, enhance personal reliance, adopt mindfulness and gratitude and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

These qualities will help them respond constructively to challenges in their studies as well as their broader personal and work life. This empowers individuals to realise their potential and flourish.

3-day timetable

No matter what you’re studying, classes are held over 3 set days each week. This leaves students at least 2 spare days to study or work.

A healthy work/learn balance is an important part of life at Macleay and this timetable is one of the ways we achieve it. We understand it can be difficult to juggle different schedules and times so we purposely design the timetable to ensure you have plenty of time for life outside of studying.

For even more flexibility, students also have the option to study part-time and take evening classes (subject to class sizes).

Student Support

Career Counselling

However you’re feeling, we are here to help. A qualified counsellor is available for students in our Sydney and Melbourne campus every week. Students and staff can book a private and confidential meeting free of charge with our College counsellor for those in need of some extra personal and emotional support.

Academic Support

Students are encouraged to attend free workshops on study tips, referencing, essay writing, search and research and report writing, which are held regularly on campus.

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