IAE Business School

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Organizational purpose

IAE was created and operates with a two-fold purpose:

1. Formulating and contibuting to promote essential, positive changes in organizational cultures, values and virtues. This primarily means a transformation in management styles and practices for top executives in charge of core responsibilities in organizations.

2. Disseminating these values and virtues from business companies to civil society at large. The foundations supporting these values and virtues lie in a trascendent Christian view of mankind that merges individual pursuits with social aims.

To accomplish this purpose, IAE focuses on:

1. Training organizational leaders on capabilities and virtues associated with their professional performance, their personal and family growth, and their social citizenship.

2. Collaborating with business, public and civil society organizations to educate their leaders, so that they can fulfill their responsibilities in society increasingly better.

3. Advancing knowledge (R&D) on organization and businessmanagement.

Shared values

Core values:

1. Human promotion, based on human beings' individual dignity and transcendent destiny.

2. Work as a necessary activityto grow personally and to serve others.

3. A focus on the common good that involves looking past individual, immediate needs to concentrate on community welfare.

4. The search for truth.

Associated virtues, expected behaviors

• Friendship

• Generosity

• Transparency

• Loyalty

• Professionalism, meaning personal drive, organization and responsibility.

• A humble disposition to keep an open mind for learning.

IAE aspires to become aworld-class business school, renowned for its consistent leadership in:

• Promotinglocal development and

• Regional integrationto the global setting.

• Its specific knowledge and experience on emerging economies, focusing on Latin America,

• with sound capabilities to provide superior services to all global and regional companies, and

• innovative flexbility to develop collaboration projects involving business companies and other institutions in order to create more value.

• Its research rigor and relevance, as well as its teaching excellence grounded on a humanistic approach.

• Its close, strong ties to business companies and school alumni.

• The service-oriented, warm and dedicated commitment shared by everyone at IAE.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Argentina)


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MBA Student Experiences 2013

MBA Student Experiences 2013

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