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    14 MSc Programmes in Urban Design 2024

      MSc Programmes in Urban Design

      A Master of Science (MSc) in Urban Design is a post-graduate or post-professional degree that focuses on the design of urban areas. Students entering this field will focus on the design and shaping of cities, towns, and even villages.

      What is an MSc in Urban Design?  This degree is often offered through a university’s architecture department because the two areas are closely related. The study of architecture focuses on the design of individual buildings. In contrast, urban design has a much broader scope. Urban design is an interdisciplinary field that pulls from several subjects including architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, and engineering. Degree programs vary from school to school and a curriculum may include courses on a range of topics. Students may study subjects such as physical geography, real estate development, urban economics, political economy, and social theory.

      There are many benefits of obtaining an MSc in Urban Design. Graduates work in a variety of settings, from private design firms to municipalities and other government entities. Because the field overlaps with several other disciplines, graduates can work in a broad range of jobs. This flexibility makes it easier to shape one’s career to meet employer needs and stay in line with one’s personal interests.

      The cost of getting an MSc in Urban Design varies greatly from country to country and from school to school. Many university programs take one to two years to complete.

      Graduates that obtain an MSc in Urban Design can look forward to a rewarding and varied career. They may work on the designs for groups of buildings, streets and other public spaces, neighborhoods, districts, and cities as a whole. There is a broad demand for professionals in this career, from local towns to worldwide urban centers. For this reason, there are many employment opportunities working for a variety of employers in many different locations and settings.

      In order to apply for an MSc in Urban Design, prospective students can submit an online application to a variety of degree programs. To find the right program for you, start by researching programs on our website.  Applying online is convenient because it can be done from anywhere, at any time of day. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.