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    MSc Programmes in Sustainable Consumption

    The MSc is a kind of advanced degree offered for fields of scientific study, or for interdisciplinary fields with a scientific methodology. Its defining feature that sets it apart from other advanced degrees is the use of the scientific method to investigate real-world problems with measurable outcomes.

    You might wonder -- what is an MSc in Sustainable Consumption? It’s an interdisciplinary degree that brings together studies in economic policy and environmental science to understand how the use of social resources impacts long-term sustainability. The goal of professionals in this field is to find the best balance of conservation and resource use to meet the needs of societies in an ecologically sound way. As such, students need familiarity with basic concepts in environmental science to qualify for most programs.

    Students who study sustainable consumption improve data analysis skills, as well as quantitative modeling skills that are becoming more useful in a variety of problem-solving situations. They also learn to improve their written communication and presentation skills, which are useful for career development and personal growth.

    There’s no definitive way to predict the cost of a master’s degree in sustainable consumption. That’s because tuition rates simply vary too much from location to location for any one estimate to be accurate universally. Consider online programs that let you reap those same benefits without having to travel abroad.

    Sustainable consumption graduates find roles in the public and private sector. They are likely to be tapped as consultants when large-scale strategic planning is underway, and might work for either private contractors or government entities. Some work as planning officials, as well. This field is also popular among actuaries. In all these roles, they are able to put their knowledge to work to help understand how to achieve their objectives.

    There are quite a few choices in this degree field, especially if you are open to online programs and travel abroad. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.