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22 MSc Programmes in Engineering Studies Production Engineering Product Development 2024



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MSc Programmes in Engineering Studies Production Engineering Product Development

A Master of Science, or MSc degree, is a science-based academic achievement that can be earned after a student successfully completes a related bachelor’s degree program. Many students who earn MSc degrees go on to establish highly profitable careers, while others move on to pursue doctorate degrees.

Just what is an MSc in Product Development? This advanced degree program studies a broad range of technical and natural science topics as they relate to product development, including technology, product manufacturing, distribution, economics, marketing and design, and global supply chain networks and management. Many Product Development MSc programs also offer specializations in areas such as Product Value Creation and Global Supply Chain Development, among other fields. Regardless of specialization, Product Development MSc students should expect to study the many ways in which today’s innovative products play a role in a company’s success. Other coursework emphasizes how both attractive design and technical functionality come together in product development.

Students who successfully graduate from Product Development MSc programs are generally able to command substantially higher salaries than bachelor’s degree holders in many scientific fields. They are also prepared for work virtually anywhere, thanks to a thorough curriculum that offers a broad, global competence base.

There is no set cost for obtaining an MSc degree; rather, tuition varies based on numerous factors, such as the length of the program and the geographic area in which it is taken.

Successful graduates of MSc programs have numerous career options. Many go on to work as managers of development departments, product developers, engineers, quality control professionals, and global market research analysts. Others use it as a stepping stone toward a PhD degree.

Students interested in learning more about the education and career opportunities related to an MSc in Product Development should utilize our extensive database of programs available around the world. Our lead form is a great resource that can help connect you with the program that’s right for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.