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MSc Programmes in Sustainability Studies Social Sustainability Studies Habitation Studies

The master’s degree is an advanced degree offered in a field of academic expertise. The MSc degree is a master’s with a specifically scientific methodology in one of those fields. These degrees are designed to allow candidates to sharpen professional knowledge bases, achieving a high degree of skill in the subjects fundamental to the field of study.

What is an MSc in Habitation Studies? It’s a degree focusing on the interdisciplinary methods used to study human habitation in all its dimensions. That includes public health, civic planning, and all the other scientific disciplines used in housing and habitation studies. Areas of study may include psychology, engineering, human geography, and fundamental learning in biology. Some experience with their basic concepts is generally expected before entering a program.

Students who pursue a degree in habitation studies learn to synthesize information from the deep analysis of data through modeling, which is useful in many ways when evaluating and improving processes, at home and at work. They also improve their written communication skills and the use of scientific reasoning to support their ideas.

The cost for a master’s degree in this field varies quite a bit from institution to institution. Online programs exist in many locations, though, which can help students who are cost-conscious find more affordable programs.

Graduates with degrees in habitation studies work in a variety of fields. They may become government officials in city planning offices who work with private sector developers to make improvements to cities near your home. They also find jobs in the private sector as housing specialists who work with the city on those improvements. Habitation studies graduates make up the core group of scientist-teachers training the next generation of civic engineers and architects to make buildings that work better for people, too.

There are a lot of schools offering this degree, so check online and see what you can find. To have more options, look at local schools and international locations, too. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.