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MSc Programmes in Engineering Studies Engineering

A Master of Science is a master’s degree in a discipline with a strong focus on science and mathematics. This program is the next step in your post-secondary education after a bachelor’s degree.

What is a MSc in Engineering? This program of study encompasses the design of systems via the science, math, economics and practical knowledge that is applicable to the desired end result. Engineering is the act of building a plan to create a solution to fill a need. Most often the term is applied to electrical and mechanical disciplines, such as the construction of buildings and the design of new technologies.

You may find that your MSc in Engineering comes with many benefits. You are likely to learn subject-specific skills, such how to properly design an electrical grid, but generally you can learn other skills too, like time management and organization, that are useful both professionally and personally.

The cost of your degree depends upon several factors, including the school you’ve chosen and the format of the classes (traditional in-person classes may have a different cost range than online classes). Your preferred institution can give you more details and specific expenses applicable to your program.

Careers in engineering run the gamut from private to government to freelance. You might opt to become an engineer for a design corporation or go into business on your own in that capacity. Alternatively you could work for the government overseeing the contracting of public design firms. You could also choose to become a writer of technical manuals or go into education as a teacher or lecturer. The choices in the field abound and are limited only by your preferred style of employment.

Schools around the world offer a MSc in Engineering. You might choose to attend a local institution or use this chance to live somewhere new. Many schools also offer online courses. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.