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78 MSc Programmes in Economic Studies Accounting Accounting and Finance 2024



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MSc Programmes in Economic Studies Accounting Accounting and Finance

Students who wish to pursue careers in the fields of accounting and finance often seek an MSc degree in order to receive a well-rounded and in-depth education. The advanced degree obtained through this program prepares the student to meet qualifications for the highly-sought positions with top companies.

Students in an MSc in Accounting and Finance program will participate in many courses. Depending upon the area of specialization the student is pursuing, classes may include corporate financial management, corporate responsibility, research methods, tax systems and policies, auditing, operation management, investment analysis, global financial strategy, and more. The program usually consists of modules of learning, the study of research methods, and development of a supervised dissertation. In general, this area of study prepares students to enter the accounting and finance sector with all of the necessary skills and certification to participate in their chosen areas of employment.

After completion of this program, graduates are often able to find jobs with excellent employers and in lucrative positions. The advanced degree gives accountants an edge over their competitors when applying for the best jobs in the area. The graduates often have access to better employment opportunities and higher salaries than their bachelor’s level counterparts. Graduates may also find that they have developed connections with those employers who are in a position to offer the best job opportunities.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the cost of an MSc in Accounting and Finance because the different universities establish different tuition rates. From one country to another, the costs of completing these programs can vary widely.

Financial managers and analysts often enjoy faster than average industry growth and job opportunities. With an advanced degree, graduates will be eligible for positions such as senior financial analyst, financial controller or director, chief financial officer, investment banker, real estate finance manager, and other professions with comfortable pay scales. The process of obtaining the best positions is usually very competitive, and advanced degrees provide an edge for graduates.

There are many opportunities to study accounting and finance within the country and across the world. Many universities offer online options for those students who wish to study, but face obstacles to traditional attendance. Browse the options available to you through our large database. To get started with a course, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling out the lead form.