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16 Master Programmes in Food and Beverage Studies Food and Beverage Business Wine Business 2024



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Master Programmes in Food and Beverage Studies Food and Beverage Business Wine Business

A master’s degree is an academic degree conferred by colleges and universities upon completion of studies that demonstrate mastery of a professional practice area or particular field of study. This degree requires higher-level skills in analysis, critical evaluation, professional application, and critical thinking. The degree is typically granted in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, nursing, theology, philosophy, or museum studies.

What is a Master in Wine Business? A Master in Wine Business explores the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to achieve results in the global wine industry. Students study wine market development for domestic and global trade, and become well-versed and trained in wine production and sales. The goal of this degree is to train students to become proficient wine business professionals. The coursework may include topics related to the international wine economy, the wine industry, logistics and purchasing, negotiations, oenology, and wine tasting.

Graduates with a Master in Wine Business gain insight in business areas such as brand strategy, mergers and acquisitions, consumer behavior, media, public relations, foreign market development, and management. Because the wine industry has a worldwide reach, graduates have a strong awareness of international relations and business. They also develop strong communication skills that allow them to share and teach their wine knowledge to others.

The cost of a master’s degree varies, depending on the educational institution, the country of study, and the time and units required for the program. To learn more, contact the admissions office and inquire about the degree program and its costs.

Career prospects in the wine business are strong and salaries are good. Some possible occupations related to this degree include regional export manager, product manager, marketing manager, communications manager, wine director, and trade manager.

Take advantage of the educational opportunities offered online, no matter where you live. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.