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18 Master Programmes in Life Sciences Agricultural Science Rural Development 2024



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Master Programmes in Life Sciences Agricultural Science Rural Development

A masters degree in Rural Development is a degree program that focuses on identifying methods required to turn rural regions into agriculturally productive areas, and to improve health and nutrition of the communities in these rural areas. It is a field of study that uses principles of both economy and geography. It also prepares an individual for future work in organizations that address food trade and global development issues. However, for you to earn this advanced degree, you must complete a four-year undergraduate degree. You again have to complete specific industry courses and finish a research project before you graduate.

The program equips the learners with the necessary skills required to thrive in rural development careers. The program also covers specific industry tools needed to develop rural sites and to assess and address rural regions in the country. Students are equipped with various skills available for developing rural areas in both developed and developing countries. Moreover, the students are taught about agricultural economics, which is applicable in the field when making decisions regarding global food policies.

The main objective of a masters in Rural Development is to train students to become specialists in integrated rural development, and focus on socio-economic and institutional aspects both in developed and developing countries.