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44 Master Programmes in Management Studies Public Management 2024



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    Master Programmes in Management Studies Public Management

    Public Management is one of the subfields of political science and politics on the whole. The term Public Management hints at the resemblance that the political structure bears to the social and private sector. Therefore, some of the management methods used there can also be applied to politics. Public Management seems to appear especially helpful in developed nations, where all kinds of structures already have been shaped well.

    A Master in Public Management is interdisciplinary, involving Public Administration, Public Relations, Human Rights, Humanities, as well as Cultural Studies, where culture is understood as one of the most powerful aspects that influence modern multicultural societies. Professionals trained with a Master in Public Management acquire skills of decision-making and dealing with conflicts of interests and public infrastructures by performing policy analysis. A Master in Public Management involves courses in Law, Economics, Politics, Sociology, Psychology, International Relations, and other subjects, training the future specialist to have a multidisciplinary, analytical and creative approach to the issues of the public sector.

    Below you can see a number of Master in Public Management programs offered by some of the best universities worldwide. Start the search for your future Master in Public Management degree and career right away!