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33 Master Programmes in Journalism and Mass Communication Media Multimedia 2024



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Master Programmes in Journalism and Mass Communication Media Multimedia

After earning a bachelor’s degree, one can opt to pursue a master’s degree, which is the first level of graduate study before the doctorate level. It is for those who seek a higher level of knowledge in a particular subject or area of interest.

What is a Master in Multimedia? Depending on the program focus, the degree prepares students for careers in design, communication, or computing. The common thread is the need to understand new information technologies and how to effectively communicate ideas and messages through the medium. Design coursework may comprise of advertising, video editing, digital marketing, and social media management. Communications courses may include journalism, marketing, advertising, and audiovisual communication. Computing may cover business, computer engineering, 3D modeling, and web content development.

Scholars who undertake studies for a Master in Multimedia learn about internet and new media technologies as well as the content required, especially video, audio, and animation. They also learn how to use software to edit sound, images, or code and gain the knowledge needed to operate a multimedia-related business.

Education costs will vary, depending on which institution and what country in which it is located. Programs generally run between one and three years. Prospective students should conduct thorough research on potential academic programs before applying.

The Master in Multimedia program prepares learners with a design focus for careers in the creation of products such as electronic media, games, and educational resources. Some career possibilities include computer game designer, animator, data visualizer, motion graphics designer, broadcast designer, and web designer. Communications career choices may involve journalist, marketing communications or advertising professional, or audiovisual communicator. Computing-related roles may involve digital marketer, software engineer, system engineer, data scientist, or game developer.

Master in Multimedia programs are available at various institutions around the world, either on campus or online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.