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Master Programmes in Humanities Studies History

The contemporary world has been introduced to the idea that history and its research should be treated with respect merged with some skepticism. History is a study of the past; it often seeks to discover patterns of cause and effect that can objectively determine events of the past. Scholars mostly use narrative to analyze and unravel the events of the past. At the same time, the narrative method leads to a problem, controversial with the objectiveness, which historical science claims to have. The problem is that history is always written in the context of the time contemporary to the narrator. If you are interested in these issues surrounding the study of history, then a Master in History is an excellent first step into the professional field.

To leave the philosophical questions aside, History assists many fields of knowledge, for example Medieval Studies, International History, World History and Cultural Heritage. These are also examples of specialization areas that students can choose with a Master in History program. Some of the combined elements that almost any Master in History program consists of are cultural, demographic, intellectual, economic and political facts and bonds that tie up the historical narrative and provide a holistic picture of the matter. Library and archive work is greatly involved, as well as renowned deductive methods that will turn your Master in History degree into a real adventure along the path of the past.

If you are looking for Master in History degree, have a look at the various programs below, offered by some of the best universities worldwide!