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Master Programmes in Design Studies

Design is considered to be a very broad discipline and its nature and specifications vary immensely depending on the context and field of application. Generally speaking, design is an art of constructing an object (given the diversity of fields where design is used – almost any object, which can be created by a human) and of making preparations and plans for such a construction. A Master in Design allows students to focus on their interest and talents.

Master in Design degrees are in highly sought after. Today designers literally cannot be avoided in nearly all aspects of human life. If one needs to decorate and refresh a house, help from interior designers will be needed. If one is thinking about publishing a book, a book designer should always be at hand. Graphic designers, product designers, web designers, and fashion designers are all possible careers for those seeking a Master in Design. Design is closely connected to art, engineering and production and each specific field adds some new requirements and characteristics to this ever changing discipline of designing objects.

Have you ever felt the urge to create something beautiful and practical at the same time? Or maybe you enjoy optimizing different objects so that they meet one’s needs without a fail? If this is the case, you should consider a Master in Design. Read more about the various Master in Design programs offered by universities all over the world!